One Hack to Organize School Papers Your Child brings Home For Good

Easily organize your childs school papers once and for all

Are your kids school papers taking over your kitchen, desk or the house?  You’re not alone.  Some days your child will arrive home with a heap of papers.  These papers cover everything from calendars, forms to be signed, reminder notes, homework and artwork.  Naturally, we want to keep them all so as to not forget any upcoming events for tasks.  However, those pages are everywhere! Here is One Hack to Organize School Papers Your Child brings Home For Good. 

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How to Organize School Papers for Good

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Calm The Chaos

Convenience is KEY! You want to keep these precious documents, but you don’t want the clutter.  It’s ideal to keep them visible and on hand so that you don’t miss any upcoming events or deadlines.  How do you achieve all of this in an easy way that won’t require filing and checking folders or tracking down sheets in a drawer?  The answer is simple.  The ONE Hack to organize school papers and keep them handy is  heavy duty magnetic clips.

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Easy right?!  How can such a small item organize school papers and bring clarity to the tsunami that surrounds you?  Set up a manageable layout front and center on your fridge.  You stroll to your refrigerator several times a day already.  With all these forms and notes taking center stage, your sure to never miss a thing.

Keep it Simple

At first glance, all those school papers can be categorized into multiple groups and sorted in countless ways.  Rather than pull your hair out stressing as to which is the best approach, keep it simple.  Start with a few and add if you need to.  Begin with a stack for stagnate items.  These are forms with information that is constant and does not change throughout the year.  As an example, your child’s class schedule, school handbook or anything of this nature.  Our school distributes a monthly calendar of events and I place that on top of all those papers.

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For the second clip, dedicate this to weekly notes sent home from the teachers.  Events, deadlines or meeting.  These items are best placed in order of occurrence.  As one event passes, take the note down to reveal the next upcoming occasion beneath!  Now all those reminders are in one place and easy to keep track of.  For added organization and as a visual memo, stack your papers slightly fanned along the side.

The third clip I use for personal notes on a mini calendar (gifted by a great friend).  If there is an upcoming appointment or birthday party, jot it down on the little calendar to keep all your dates at a glance.  This is a great way to have an abundance of information all in one place and for everyone to see if needed.

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A fourth clip can be used to hang all the darling art your little one proudly brings home.  I love to display every piece.  Therefore, I have several art clips occupying my fridge surface. You can add as many clips and categories you see fit to calm the storm when organizing school papers.  Perhaps have a clip dedicated to each child.

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal

This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.  I had one magical clip and I loved it.  Having had the idea to clip more documents and keep them off the counter tops and other surfaces, I went through a magnet trial and error period. After about four different purchases of different magnet clips, they all fell short of strength.  They could not keep up with the weight of the papers I had to clip.  This was not ideal for organizing school papers as I needed to clip some serious preschool paintings.

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The best magnet clip I have found so far are  Bulldog Clips.  There are tons of different brands out there, so feel free to experiment yourself and see which magnets you like best.  I only want to make you aware that a strong magnet is a life long magnet.  Otherwise, they are falling onto the floor or falling apart.  Then that mess you just spent your precious time organizing becomes another mess on the floor and the dog is sleeping on it.

This tip on how to organize kids school work is a game changer.  To that end, I hope you find this hack as useful as we did.  Share your thoughts below!

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One hack to easily organize your child's school papers. Click to find out how!

ONE Hack to organize school papers- No folders needed! How to organize your kids school work with less stress and no mess. Click to read how!

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  1. This is a ridiculously simple tip, but it would make such a difference! I was looking for a quick plan for my daughter’s papers…I am adding clips to my list right now!

  2. Oh my goodness, the amount of school papers that come home every week! It’s madness!! This is a perfect solution. I’m heading out to get some of these. And what a smart idea to place the notes in order of occurrence, genius! thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas. We got over 100 pages in a week before with just 2 kids. Hopefully schools will start to use technology more to communicate.

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