Healthy and Quick 5 Minute Breakfast for Kids

Healthy and Quick 5 Minute Breakfast for Kids

You hit the snooze one too many times and a shower is a thing of the past.  As you pin your hair in a top knot and slip on yoga pants, you may wonder what to feed the kids.  You want to be healthy, but the clock is ticking and a lavish gourmet meal is not in the cards.  No worries momma.  Fulfill all your inner mom instincts with this Healthy and Quick 5 Minute Breakfast for Kids.

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OK, OK, the microwave is not the tool of choice for MOST healthy meals.  However, you only have five minutes to prep and prepare this feast for your beasts. (They are not beasts.  They totally rock.  I just couldn’t resist the rhyming opportunity)  Since we are ditching the pots and pans and fancy cutlery, lets dive into this super quick healthy meal for your little ones.

Lets gather the goods.  Below is what you will need to succeed in this culinary journey.

Healthy and Quick 5 Minute Breakfast for Kids

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  • 2 eggs
  • 2-3 Tbls. Milk
  • 1/4 cup cheese


five minute kid breakfast

That is all my dear.  Easy enough, right?

Once you have all you need its time to prep.  Spray the inside of your ceramic bowl with cooking spray or coat with butter.  This prevents the egg from sticking to the dish like the mud in your kids soccer cleats.  Once the inside of the dish is coated or sprayed, add all your ingredients into the bowl.

Quick Breakfast Idea for Kids

Stir it Up, Little Darling

Mix the eggs, milk and cheese combo with a fork until combined.  Feel free to get creative here.  If you happen to have some diced onion, tomato or garlic, toss it in the mix.  You can also omit the cheese and use only the eggs and milk.  (I do it a lot…  Momma is in a hurry and Daddy ate all the cheese last night)

quick kids breakfast

With all your ingredients combined, place the bowl in the microwave.  Cook on high for 1 minute and 40 seconds.  This time will vary depending on your microwave.  Our microwave happens to be a conventional oven as well and heats quickly.  If you remove your egg mixture and see that it is not fully cooked, place it in again for another 20- 30 seconds until the eggs are cooked to your desired texture.

quick breakfast for kids

It is common for the underside of the eggs to cook last.  Therefore, the top may appear fully cooked, only for you to remove the egg and find the underside is raw.  This is OK.  Simply, place the eggs back in the microwave and cook another 20-30 seconds until done.

Food For All

When removing the eggs from your microwave, use caution!  That bowl is HOT!  Be sure to use a kitchen towel, oven mitts or a rag to remove the bowl.  BAM! Instant scrambled eggs in less than five minutes. Way to go Wonder Mom, you have prepared this awesome healthy breakfast for kids!

quick no hassle breakfast for kids

The eggs should slide out of the bowl easily. Cut up the little mini omelette and serve with a side of avocado or banana.  There you have it.  A healthy, super quick breakfast for kids in only 5 minutes!

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Healthy and Quick 5 Minute Breakfast for Kids - If your in a hurry to run out the door, this is for YOU! Ditch the Pop-tarts and whip up this 5 Minute breakfast for your kids before school. Click to read how!

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    1. Thank you for the kuddos. Alas, the microwave is not a cooking utensil of choice for egg, I know. However, it does the job. The milk is the key ingredient to keep the eggs moist and fluffy.

  1. This does look very yummy indeed! I make eggs for my daughter all the time and it’s one of her favorite breakfasts. One quick tip though.. microwaving food removes most of the nutrients from the food so you might want to avoid microwaving food for you baby.

  2. This I am going to do. So often my kids will only eat cereal for breakfast, while they like eggs I never feel like making them in the morning, this way they can still have them! SO much better for them than cereal, even the healthier kinds!

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