10 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Men

The never ending hunt for the perfect gifts for men is over.  There is a mystery about men and what they really want.  Rather than nag them to tears or raid every store on the pursuit of the perfect gift, check out these 10 Best Unique  Gift Ideas for Men.  

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1. Wood Watch 

This watch is stylish and sexy.  Its natural material make it casual yet give a sophisticated appeal.  This is a gift many men would enjoy.  There are many styles and colors to choose from.  Explore these smart and practical accessories for one he will truly appreciate.
unique gift ideas for men


2. NFL Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grilling Tools

Men and their Sports.  You cant go wrong with these grilling kits adorned in your mans favorite team logo.  He will be happy to run out to the grill at anytime of year!  Choose from any NFL Team!

Best Gifts For Men



3. Personalized Whiskey Barrel | Age your own Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Wine

This personalized whiskey barrel is a winner.  My brother purchased one for my hubby and he loves it.  Well made and charming, this barrel ages liquor beautifully.  A close friend of ours also purchased a barrel and tested its aging process on a bottle of dirt cheap rum.  To our surprise, after a 2 month aging process, the tasted top shelf.

Extremely easy to use.  Simply pour in the desired liquid and forget about it until the aging process is over.

gifts that men want

4. Yeti Rambler Colster

We have all heard of the notorious YETI Cooler and its amazing cooling powers.  Well those ingenious wizards crafted a coozie too.  Now the men in your life will no longer worry about another drink losing its crispy coolness.  Great for cans and bottles alike.  You get all the benefits of an ice cold drink without the high Yeti Cooler price tag  (although, they are worth every penny).

unique gift ideas for men


5. NFL  Pint  Logo Glass Set with Football Bottom

Now that he has the grilling gear, why not include some glassware as well.  Let the man represent his team with this NFL Pint glass set.  On the cutsie side, they have little footballs in the bottom of each glass.  Adorable!

Gifts for men


6. Quick Access Safe with Biometric Lock

I purchased this product for my hubby last Christmas and he loves it.  My intentions were to have a safe we could easily access, but our kids could not.  Little curious minds tend to seek every nook and crevice.  Therefore, this safe was the perfect solution to keep valuables, prescriptions and other items out of reach.  Sleek and simple, this safe is easy to program and use.  Who doesn’t get a kick out of a little 21st Century Technology?  This item is really fun to operate to say the least, one quick scan of your finger and it pops open!

best holiday gifts for men


 7. Bullet Cap Coaster Set

These just emanate manly.  Durable, with a touch of tough rustic charm, these coasters will not only save your surfaces.  Any man would enjoy a set of these in their bar or man-cave.

gift ideas for men


8. YETI Hopper Cooler

If you live where the climate can rise to extreme temperatures, this may the item for you.  On the job, or out for a leisurely day of fishing, its always a drag when the ice melts in the cooler.  Never again with this nifty bag.  Slightly larger than a lunch box with all the mega power of a deep freezer on your shoulder.  Never again will a drink go cold in this bad boy.  Yes, its a pretty penny.  However, if you want to give a wow item that he will use time and time again, this is it.  Durable and lives up to its name.  Ice stays frozen for days and these bags last a long time.

best unique gifts men want


9. Man Crate

This is a nifty gift for the men in your life.  A crate of your choice filled with items geared to a particular hobby or indulgence.  Choose from several options and all are equipped with a mini crow bar so your guy can pry  his way into those goodies.

best man gifts


10. Smash Gift Card

Men like to smash stuff.  Its in their nature.  If your all out of ideas, or uncertain what they will really enjoy.  Give them the gift of Destruction.  This a Gift Card of your choice solidified in a stone block accompanied with the tools he needs to HULK SMASH his gift.

best unique man gifts

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>Unique Gift ideas for men. Pin for holiday gift ideas!

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  1. Hi Dani! Loving your blog! The men in my life are super difficult to buy for but that “man crate” looks awesome. Lots of good ideas here – thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. So glad to hear you are enjoying it. Yes, the men in my life are so difficult to buy for too. I’m considering purchasing everyone a personalized man crate and calling it good.

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