5 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want

You may find yourself scrolling pages upon pages of gifts for children, only to find nothing truly unique.  When it comes to gift giving, we all want to find that special something for our loved ones.  An item that is useful, uncommon and spectacular!  Rather than struggle with site searching and stock pile of needless items, surprise the little ones in your life with these 5 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want.

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1. Teepees and Forts

There is something magical about having a special place as a child.  These imaginative forts and teepees are a great way to provide your child with their own personal space to let their imagination run wild.  As a relaxing space or a place of play, these stunning playhouses are sure to make your little ones eyes light up.

Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want

gifts that kids actually want for the holidays

Gifts Kids Actually Want

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2.  Wall Art

Wall Decals are a great way to make a huge impression for little price.  Decals are large and sure to thrill your little ones no matter there age.  There are endless selections as for as characters, designs, art or quotes that can be applied to your child’s room or play area.

We purchased a Hulk Decal (only $19.99!!!) for our son on Christmas.  While he slept we applied it to his bedroom wall and he woke up elated at the new decor adorning his wall.  The impact this gift had was so delighting we purchased Captain America for this Birthday.  These are really easy to apply, they don’t damage the wall or paint and you can move them around whenever you please.

gifts kids actually want ideas

unique gift ideas kids want

fun gifts kids really want

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3. Costumes

Children enjoy stepping into the shoes of a knight or fluttering around as a fairy.  These are fun and unique gift ideas that kids actually want and some adults do too.  Give your children the gift of play with a costume to transform their world.

kid gift ideas they want

ideas for gifts kids want

unique gift ideas for kids

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4. Magnetic Blocks

These creative toys are fun for all ages.  Each block is made of durable quality wood and each is magnetic. The possibilities are endless for building and construction fun.  Start with a small set and gradually add to your child’s collection for a mass of building block creations.

unique fun gifts kids want

fun gifts that children want

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5. Unique Room Lights

Take it a step further and add some unique accent lighting to a child’s room.  Fun lamps and lights are not only functional, they double as unique night lights.

gifts your kids want

gift ideas for kids fun and unique


Make a holiday or Birthday really special with these unique and fun gift ideas kids actually want.  Countless adventures are to be had as your child explores and creates.  Share your child’s favorite items.  What have you found that really excites and encourages endless entertainment?

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5 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want. Gift ideas for the holidays and birthdays. Pin for ideas!
5 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas Kids Actually Want. Gift ideas for the holidays and birthdays. Pin for ideas!

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    1. They are pricey. However, I believe the cost is worth it considering they last the test of time. I have spend so much on toys that fall short of little ones rough play and have to be tossed.

  1. Ok I LOVE this post! I always try to steer our kids’ grandparents to get them gifts that will stand the test of time (like these) instead of ones with all the bells and whistles and lights! 🙂

  2. Seriously my kids would love all these gifts! Great suggestions. I especially love the mushroom fort, and the magnetic blocks!

  3. A giant “yes” to the teepee idea! My MIL made one for my husband when he was little, and now my son plays in it. He LOVES it! It’s great for play, for stories, for naps, for “camp outs,” and picnics!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean. I love the glowing balls too. We purchased these when my son was little and transitioning into a toddler bed. They helped to ease him into the idea and took the fear out of the new situation.

  4. Wallpapers are my personal favorite, I’m so in love with them. And some of these other ideas, I have never even thought of them!
    Thanks for sharing, now I’d be sharing on Twitter!

  5. You are so right!! My kids would love a fort or costume at any time! LOL but, I never think of these ideas for other kids gifts! Thanks!!

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