Ways to Soothe your Sick Infant

Ways you can soothe your sick infant

No parent wants to see their child unwell.  It’s especially difficult to endure when you are tending to a sick baby.  It may feel as though you have so little in your arsenal of sick baby relief.  In most cases, an infant or baby younger than 12 months is not to be given any medication rather than baby Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  This can be frustrating when you are seeking ways to soothe your sick infant.

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FEAR NOT!  There are several ways to care for your sick baby and alleviate their discomfort.  That little bundle of love will be on the fast track to recovery once you implement these solutions to their sick baby care routine.

Ways to Soothe your Sick Infant

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Fondness for Feet

This is a trick I learned from a fellow mama bear.  If your sick infant happens to suffer from a stuffy nose and cough, restlessness at night is a certainty.  To curb this discomfort and ease the pains, lather Baby Vicks Vapor rub on your sick baby’s feet!  Yes, take a big glob of it and spread it on like butter.  Then seal the deal with a pair of socks for footie pajamas.

This soothing technique works like a charm.  I have noticed on nights my little’s are unwell and I miss this step, they do not sleep as soundly as they do it with the Vicks Vapor Treatment of their sweet feet.  Give it a try and see how your sick infant reacts.  I also use this same treatment for my sick baby during the day.  Simply cover their tootsies in socks.

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Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe its SALINE!

A simple saline solution is a quick fix for a stuffy nose matted in a buggery mess.  Saline happens to be a simple mixture of salt and water.  You can either buy baby saline or make your own.  To make your own, boil 1 cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of salt.  Let cool and Wha-la! Simple Saline, made by YOU! Place the solution in a bottle with a dropper for easy use.

Look at you, concocting solutions in your own home like Breaking Bad.  Your on your way to hustling natural saline solution all over town.

When using the saline, first clean the dried snot from your sick infants face with a soft cloth and a few drops of the saline solution.  Saline breaks up mucus easily and it will be much easier to remove that snotty mess using the saline rather than warm water.  Once clean, lie baby on their back.  Gently tilt their head back just a bit and place one drop of saline in each nostril. This will break up the mucus within giving you the capability to remove it with a nose bulb or aspirator.  Ah, now baby can breathe.

Milky Medicine

Breast milk is liquid gold!  It’s a miracle liquid and loaded with so many beneficial components.  When caring for a sick infant, breast milk is your best friend.  If your sick baby has a runny nose, squirt breast milk in their nostrils the same way you would saline and let it dry.  The milk acts as a disinfectant and lubricant.

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It doesn’t stop there, this sick infant secret weapon also treats ear infections, rashes and pink eye. Don’t you just want to dip your baby in a vat of breast milk?  This is not an uncommon ritual either.  Many mothers will bathe their baby in a tub of water and breast milk.  The nutrients are absorbed by baby all over!  If you are planning to wean from breastfeeding, don’t stop pumping yet.  Reserve an ice cube tray for breast milk and freeze for when baby is ill in the future.   Simply thaw a cube and apply to baby as needed.

Smells of Sweet Dreams

Essential oils play a huge part in our household.  I use them for everything.  They are free from harmful chemicals and safe (when used properly).  To treat a sick baby who is sleepless at night, this solution makes a difference.  Dilute Lavender oil in a carrier oil and apply to baby’s temples, chest, back and bottoms of feet (unless you already have them slathered in Vicks).

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As a safe ratio is 8:1 for diluting essential oils as a means to treat infants.  Therefore, you would use one drop of essential oil for every eight drops of the carrier oil.  This is not only a ritual for sick infants.  Use this mixture on your baby anytime to encourage restful sleep.

Muggy is a Must

During the winter months, the heater dries the air making it harder for baby to breathe when ill.  To remedy this, place a humidifier in the room.  This will moisten the air, creating a comfortable environment that is easy for baby to breathe.  Not only will this help to reduce the coughs, the humidifier will assist in keeping baby’s skin moisturized.

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Shower Power

Sometimes a sick infant is straight up stuffed.  No amount of saline, Vicks, aspiration or humid can unplug that sweet babies sniffer.  This may present a problem, as you will notice when baby cannot breathe, baby will not eat.

The best way to clear the air and soothe your sick infant’s stuffy nose is a hot steamy room.  Turn on the shower as hot as it will allow and let it run.  While the shower is on the room will transform into a steamy space.  Sit with your baby in the steamy room to allow their nasal passages to clear up, or at least ease the stuffiness.

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After a few minutes in the room, attempt to feed your baby.  You have a much better chance of baby eating while their nose is less obstructed by snot in the steam of the shower room.

Diffused to delight

An essential oil diffuser is another great way to purify the air and calm the whole family.  In times of sickness, diffusing thieves’ oil is a great way to ward off germs and boosting the immune system.  There are many herbal blends that serve the same purpose if you would like to opt for a different scent.  This is a great way to fill the house with a pleasant aroma while treating your sick infant as well.

Cuddle Party

Nothing soothes a sick baby more than snuggles from parents.  When your little one is unwell, be sure to shower them with love.  Keep them close and hold them tight.  A young baby has the tendency to mirror the pattern of the parents breathing and other vitals.  While being held close and during skin to skin time, a baby’s heart rate will follow that of the parent and their system as well as their breathing will sync with the parents.  This encourages healthy development and reduces stress.

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Now love on that little one as much as you can during this time of sick baby woes.  It’s not easy to see your baby hurt.  Using these tips and tricks will make for an easier recovery time for your sick baby. As for a rule of thumb as far as sick baby’s go, always monitor their temperature while ill.  If your infant’s temperature spikes to 102 Fahrenheit and you are unable to reduce their temperature an hour after administering baby Tylenol, call your doctor.  You may need to head on in.

Caring for a sick baby is difficult.  It may feel as though there is so little you can do to treat the issue at hand and there is no cure-all that can ease their pain.  However, you have options and using these tips will surely soothe your sick baby.

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Mother know best.  Passing along the best treatments and care is essential to preserving those fail-proof solutions.  Here are a few Natural Remedies Every Mom should Know!


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How To Soothe your Sick infant. No one wants to see their baby sick. Here are several ways to soothe your sick little one. These remedies are sure to soothe your sick child in their time of need. Plus, a free printable for how to re-hydrate your infant or child during those stomach bug plagues. CLICK TO GET YOURS NOW!

Ways to Soothe Your Sick Infant- When you are faced with a sick baby, it may feel as though you are helpless. Have no fear, here are a few ways to soothe your sick infant in their time of need. Click now to read how!

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  1. These are some great tips! When i was still breastfeeding, milk as always a no-brainer, success guaranteed! I like the vicks idea, will definitely try that next time he´s not feeling great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great tips! I hate it when my babies get sick, but in general at least one of these things on the list makes them feel better.

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