Teething Baby Survival Guide

Teething baby survival guide

Oh the drool!  Little one is gnawing, biting, slobbering and munching away!  That baby is teething and it can be maddening.  Their little fingers become teething talons and the poor dear cannot help that the Niagara Falls of saliva is pouring out of their mouth.  Teething time is one to be ready for.  It’s time to get into gear and prepare with this simple Teething Baby Survival Guide.

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby.  As parents, we don’t want that slobbery little munchkin to suffer from the chompers that are fighting their way in.  There are several remedies and options out there, however, these are what worked best for our family.  I really strive to keep things natural with our kiddos.  Therefore, this list consists of natural or homeopathic items.

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Don’t get me wrong, I have whipped out the baby Tylenol from time to time.  There are days when that baby hurts and they need something extra.  No need to feel guilty if this is you. My goal is to share what has been beneficial to us in hopes it will do the same for you.


There are those out there that may say these little fancy beads are a hoax.  Oh, no my friend, these magical little balls are a miracle to soothing a drooling teething baby.  Skeptical at first, I myself did not think anything of these until a friend of mine recommended it.  At the end of my rope and the idea of pumping my baby up with chemicals was not something I fancy, I thought to give it a go.

Wow!  What a difference!  The amount of drool went from the entire front of the baby’s outfit soaked, to a little dribble.  The fussiness subsided and he was comfortable for once.  I’ll save you some google searching and give you the skinny on these amazing amber beaded necklaces and bracelets.

teething baby beads


The  Baltic Amber beads secrete oils that contain succinic acid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.  The oil is released when the beads come into contact with baby’s warm skin.  It is not messy or greasy, you will never see the oils on clothes, the secretion is very minuscule, but beneficial.  Be sure the necklace you choose has a breakaway clasp so baby will not be choked in case the necklace is pulled or caught.  Iv’e noticed some are sold with a screw clasp that will not snap apart and not safe for baby.

teething baby amber beads

I noticed right away just how these beads aided my baby when one day they were stepped on between baths and broke.  The next day was a nightmare and I quickly had a new necklace overnight-ed to relieve my little one.   With that said, be sure to remove the beads between baths.  When submerged in water, the oils will secrete and the beads will lose there beneficial qualities.



These are so cute!  I love how easy they are.  I have several for different outfits so that I am able to color coordinate.  By the way, the parent wears this teething necklace, not the baby. Not only do they make these in a way that is decently fashionable, they are easy to keep track of.  I cant count how many times a toy or teething ring fell on the floor.  These lovely teething necklaces take that out of the equation.


teething baby necklaces

Now your baby will bypass your earrings and grab their teething toy when being held.  I found these especially useful when grocery shopping or at the pediatrician.  It allows you to focus on what you need to without subconsciously keeping track of a potential flying teething ring landing in someones hair or smacking someone in the face (both of which have happened to me, ah!).



Yes, there is natural teething gel!  There are homeopathic gels made especially for teething baby.  This is a great alternative to other remedies.  Fortunately, there are more natural options for these types of gels than in years past.  Which is great for us!  I personally love Earth’s Best Organic Teething Gel.  However, there are other brands you can explore.


When the dribble is uncontrollable and you have done it all, sometimes its best to just let it fall. Rather than standing on guard with a wash cloth to wipe away excess saliva, adorn your baby with a fashionable baby bandanna.  The market has really caught ablaze for teething bandannas.


teething baby survival bib

The possibilities are endless with multiple styles, textiles and prints available.  The baby bandanna is a stylish alternative to the baby bib to catch the excess drool.  Cute and functional, you can easily be incorporate these remedies for teething into outfits.  Search Etsy or other popular shopping sites for a set that suits your fancy.


We have come a long way in the world of baby teething products.  Now you can prepare for all the teething baby stages from start to finish with some of these great items.  There are also ways to soothe your baby without a trip to the store.

Baby’s first toothbrush made by Jack N’ Jill, is a great product to keep baby’s teeth clean and help sooth their gums.  The Molar Muncher Hands Free Teether is another great product and easy for baby to grip.  We used our Molar Muncher way before the molars would arrive, our baby preferred it over other teething toys.  Some popular teething toys among mothers are the Sophie the Giraffe, Winkle  and the Triangle Clutch Teether.  These toys are easy for baby to grasp and provide teething relief.

teething baby remedies

One way to soothe an early teething baby is to spoon a small amount of apple sauce in the center of a baby wash cloth, fold it in half and pop it in the freezer.  Once the apple sauce freezes, give the cloth to your baby.  They will enjoy the cool on their gums and the flavor of the apple sauce as it seeps through the washcloth.

The teething phase is one to prepare for.  With luck, this teething survival guide will assist in your baby’s teething troubles.  I wish you the best of luck during the slobbery months to come!  I hope these may be of use to you and please share what other teething remedies worked best for your family.


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Teething baby survival guide! Learn how to naturally remedy a fussy teething baby. Click to read more!

Teething baby survival guide! Learn how to naturally remedy a fussy teething baby. Click to read more!

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    1. I was just informed of this as well. Considering my 6 month old is a teething fool right now, I’m bummed I cannot count on further Hyland products. Nevertheless, there are other great options 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Sadly, yes. I was informed of this when I went about my recent purchase for Hylands. Fortunately, there are other alternative gels that are just as great. Our go to is now Earth Best Teething Gel.

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