How to Take Care of Your Children in the Modern Era

Guest Post by the lovely: Nicki Marie

It’s no secret that new things are invented every single day. Technology is rapidly increasing. Most of the aforementioned technology is pretty productive and allow us to perform tasks much more efficiently. For example, there was once a time when we used an alarm clock, a radio, a camera, a telephone, a calculator – However, now all you need to buy is a Smartphone and you are all set.  How times have changed in the modern era.

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Unfortunately, not all of these inventions are that productive. In fact, they are the quite opposite. But, when these inventions are easily available to children and teenagers, things get much much worse.

So, it falls on the shoulders of parents. The companies that produce such technology don’t worry about what will happen when children get access to their product, so parents are the ones will be the ones who will have to deal with taking care of the young generation. So, what can parents do? How can parents take good care of their children in the world that we have built? Well, we’ve made quite a list…

·         Have a Conversation with your Children

Every parent should have an adult conversation with their children every once in a while. The topic of this conversation can be from their school to the girl that they might have a crush on. It’s important that you teen knows how you process things inside your mind. This might give them a new perception of things and it’s probable that they might start acting like grown men or women, years before they actually become them.

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·         Teach Yourselves the New Ways

If you’re a father, then you were probably born at least back in the late 80’s. There wasn’t any technology back then as compared to all of the things that exist today. You probably didn’t even know how to operate a microwave back then. However, the children of today are way more intelligent than adults when it comes to technology. So, if you’re children are experts and know how to use an iPhone, then you should too. There are thousands of tutorials available online that will able you to master any skill that you want to learn.

·         Impose Some Rules

Rules aren’t the most important thing in the world for some parents. If you’re one of the parents that allow their children to do whatever they want, then you’re one of the parents that are making a huge mistake. You should always enforce some basic rules onto your child and make sure that they obey them. These rules don’t have to be too strict, they can be as simple as forcing them to put down their phone at the dinner table, or maybe telling them not to stay up after 11. Also, you should put certain

·         Be their Online Friends, Discreetly

You should make sure that you’re the first person that your child is friends with on Facebook when they make their accounts. You should try to keep an eye on their posts once you’re friends with them. However, one thing you should keep in mind that you should never tag them in things that would embarrass them or would otherwise make them feel ashamed in front of their friends. Otherwise, they may consider unfriending, and sometimes, even blocking you.

·       Using Parental Monitoring Applications

Using these apps should never be used as anything other than a last resort. You should only spy on your children if you think that things have gotten too bad and you need an equalizer to set your child’s life back on track. TheOneSpy applications can allow you to monitor everything your child does online and offline. It can let you view all of their social media accounts. It doesn’t matter whether they have blocked you or not, you will be able to easily get into their accounts. You can easily monitor their physical location and see if they’re actually where they claim to be. You could look into their browsing history and see if they are accessing websites that are too inappropriate for them. You could keep a keen eye on their contacts list and also tap into all their calls and text messages.

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Nicki is a working mum writing blogs to help fellow mums use technological apparatus to make parenting easier in today’s era. Her work on spy app for kids monitoring has received great appreciation from a reader. To know more about her follow on twitter @nickimarie222

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