Co-Sleeping To Crib Mini Course DAY 2

co-sleeping to crib course bootcamp

Do you or someone you know, have trouble sleeping in hotels. It’s a foreign place. It’s not your bed. It’s not even your house. Well, this is how baby feels about their new crib. That big crib is a new place they are not used to. Imagine waking in a large box in a new place for the first time. You may find yourself shouting, “I’m Lost!!!” then proceed to shout until someone finds you.

Cover image courtesy of Eternal Fine Design Photography

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How to Transition from Co-sleeping to Crib

How to Transition from Co-Sleeping to Crib easily

Those sweet chubby cheeks, precious little nose and wait, you have exactly 3.5 inches of room left on your side of the bed before you topple onto the floor.  Co-sleeping with baby is a custom several mothers use to make for easy nighttime feeding and ensure parents get the most slumber as possible.  Whether you decide to co-sleep a few months or a year, the transition from slumber with mom to baby’s own bed can present a challenge.  Let’s discuss How to Transition from Co-sleeping to Crib.

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