ONE Thing I Wish I had Done Differently While Pregnant

One thing DIFFERENT While Pregnant

Bringing a baby into this world includes a very long To-Do list.  The months of prepping and planning before this new life arrives are extremely busy.  There is so much to do and yet so little time.  The race to beat the clock and as your body morphs into a ticking time bomb, your day to day routine may be jam packed with events and tasks.  Of all these duties, errands and events that occurred during my pregnancies, there is one and only ONE thing I wish I had done differently while pregnant.

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10 Best Pregnancy Tips and Tricks


 Congratulations!  You’re making a human, now what?!

A question numerous women ask themselves upon discovering they are pregnant.  It can be daunting at first.  You may ask yourself, “What am I allowed to eat or drink?  Can I still workout?  What supplements should I take?”  The list goes on.  Thankfully there is a boatload of resources out there regarding pregnancy care. However, there are still some things that no one will tell you!  Well, don’t fret my dear. Here are some of the best pregnancy tips and tricks to help ease your mind of what is to come.

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