How to Transition from Co-sleeping to Crib

How to Transition from Co-Sleeping to Crib easily

Those sweet chubby cheeks, precious little nose and wait, you have exactly 3.5 inches of room left on your side of the bed before you topple onto the floor.  Co-sleeping with baby is a custom several mothers use to make for easy nighttime feeding and ensure parents get the most slumber as possible.  Whether you decide to co-sleep a few months or a year, the transition from slumber with mom to baby’s own bed can present a challenge.  Let’s discuss How to Transition from Co-sleeping to Crib.

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The TO-DO List You Have Accomplished and Didn’t Even Know It

The TO-DO List you have Already Accomplished

We are all supermoms!  You there, still in your pajama pants at 2 pm, yes YOU!  That’s right, you are a supermom!  Over there, you at the office, crunching numbers, you at home typing your next post, yes, all of you!  Every one of you are supermoms and you have already accomplished your TO-DO List for the day!

How can this be, you may ask.  Your list has the same ten tasks you have been struggling to squeeze in for the last five months!

Oh no, I’m not talking about that list.  That list will get checked off in due time.  I’m referring to your actual daily list of things to do.  The list you don’t even bother to write down because its engraved in your mind and you understand that if that list is not done, the entire operation will fall apart!

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A Letter To My Children

A letter to My Children
Letter Of Love

This letter is to my children.  An opportunity to express the love I have for them and our family.  I am so grateful to be blessed with such treasures.  Although, not entirely fancy or rich, I find our home and family wealthy with love.  Quite quaint may we be, we still find the joy in it all.

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