What You Need To Know From Conception to 3 Months Pregnant

Whatyou need to know from conception to 3 months pregnant (2)

Hi again.  Yes, you there.  Oh, no, you don’t need to hide that potato chip dipped in frosting with bacon bit sprinkles, I won’t judge.  You’re pregnant and things are going to change.   You may have noticed a few differences in your overall self these past months, some more apparent than others.  Rest assured these changes are normal during those first 3 months pregnant.

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10 Helpful Methods for Alleviating Back Pain during Pregnancy

If you ask 100 pregnant women what is the worst symptom they deal with, the overwhelming majority will say back pain. As your baby grows, all your organs move and press in different areas of your body.

Your center of gravity changes and you often find yourself hunched over trying to compensate. Your hips widen and ache, along with the extra weight of the baby, placenta, increased blood flow and amniotic fluid. Pregnancy sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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You Need These Key Nutrients Needed During Pregnancy

you need these key nutrients during pregnancy

You have a bun in the oven.  Well, like any good recipe, you need the right ingredients.  Same goes for you and what you put in your body during pregnancy.  You and your baby’s health are of the utmost importance during this time.  This is why making sure your body has all the right “ingredients” is so crucial.   The proper nutrition as well as the amount of vitamins and minerals you receive ensures that you and baby are healthy with all the key nutrients needed during pregnancy.

this is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links.  I received Viactiv products for my  own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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Modern DIY Baby Changing Station

Modern DIY Baby Changing Table Station

Baby is on the way and I’m sure your wish list is jam packed with all the essentials.  One item that tends to be on the pricey side is a baby changing table station.  Rather than adopt a new bulky piece of furniture that will only be used for a short period of time, create your own Modern DIY Baby Changing  Station using furniture you already have or can be used in the future.

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What to Do Before Labor and Delivery to Avoid Last Minute Stress

what TO DO BEFORE Labor and Delivery to avoid stress

The time has almost arrived.  Your little bundle of love will soon be welcomed into this bright beautiful world.  Now that your back is practically killing you, you cannot find a comfortable sleeping position and the anticipation of meeting your new baby is unbearable, it’s time to prep for labor.  With all the upcoming events about to unfold it’s easy to forget a few things along the way.  However, you will be one step closer because you know What to Do Before Labor and Delivery to Avoid Last Minute Stress.

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Must Have Items for Your Diaper Bag

Must Have Items For Your Diaper Bag


We all do it.  Especially when its your first child.  You find yourself stuffing the diaper bag with the entire nursery hoping you don’t forget anything.  As time passes, you narrow down what you really need in that overflowing satchel of baby gear and what you can do without.  For this list I wanted to share a few items that may prove to be useful in your diaper bag.  These are my Must Have Items for Your Diaper Bag.

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ONE Thing I Wish I had Done Differently While Pregnant

One thing DIFFERENT While Pregnant

Bringing a baby into this world includes a very long To-Do list.  The months of prepping and planning before this new life arrives are extremely busy.  There is so much to do and yet so little time.  The race to beat the clock and as your body morphs into a ticking time bomb, your day to day routine may be jam packed with events and tasks.  Of all these duties, errands and events that occurred during my pregnancies, there is one and only ONE thing I wish I had done differently while pregnant.

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Plan an Epic and Unique Pregnancy Reveal

plan an epic pregnancy reveal

The test reads positive!  Woohoo!  It is so hard to keep the big news to yourself.   Most of us scream at the top of our lungs and run through the house jumping around like we just won the lottery.  In a sense, we have.  However, you have this exciting secret, lets not waste it.  Announcing your pregnancy can be insanely fun.  Therefore, why not plan an epic and unique pregnancy reveal?

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12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag

Essential Item for your hospital delivery bag

Labor pains are kicking in and its time to have a baby.  Do you have everything you need for the journey?  There are some items that you will find to be more valuable than you imagined once your in the thick of things.  Don’t forget these simple items to make your stay a little easier and comfortable before and after delivery.  Here are 12 essential items for your hospital delivery bag.

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