Rock Painting Craft

We are rocking out!  I’m not referring to head banging jam sessions, although we do that too.  We are creating colorful festive rock art.  Busting out the paints and brushes for this project is a must.  Decorating rocks with bright colors and festive shapes make for not only a great project but awesome garden art for you or a loved one.  This Rock Painting Craft is one to try with the little ones.

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Fun Alphabet Education, the Letter A

Fun Alphabet Education the letter A

For this educational adventure we took a trip to Hot Springs, AR to visit Nana and Pawpaw.  During our stay we ventured to the Alligator Farm which proved to be a great setting to kick off this Fun Alphabet Education, the Letter A.  The farm is a popular attraction for both tourists and the locals. There never seemed to be a moment that the place was empty.

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