Keeping The Romance After Baby

How to Keep the Romance after Baby

A new baby welcomes so much joy in the home. There are so many reasons to be jumping for joy and filled with glee. A precious new little life is now a part of your family, what more could you ask for?  Lets focus on keeping the romance after baby.

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Focus zeroes in on that little bundle of love. From midnight feedings, fussy moments, story and music time, baths, pictures to capture the moments, perhaps you need to eat once in a while too, it may not be a shock that the day is gone before you know it. With all these adjustments and fun filling your home it can be easy for new parents to fall into a routine and forget to spice things up a bit.

Let’s not forget how to keep that flame burning. After all, you both had this little one together, by means of birth or adoption, now don’t forget to stay together. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of daily life, thus forgetting to connect with your partner.  Once your new baby and you get settled in and the pieces start to fall into place, it’s then time to sprinkle in some fun.


Waking up to a sweet surprise can transform your day. Why not make your partner’s day great by leaving a love note on the bathroom mirror. Don’t pull out the eyeliner and lipstick just yet, use a dry erase maker.  I keep dry erase markers in my bathroom drawer especially for this. It’s super easy to jot a quick quote or humorous poem and easy to clean up too. Little mess entails less stress.


Pick up a pad of sticky notes and begin writing little love what knots on them. They can be short and sweet, long and deep or just a doodle. When your partner decides to hit the hay, sneak to their car and post your messages of love all throughout the inside of their car. Cute, sweet and simple.

keep the romance after baby


Make dinner extra special with a meaningful dessert. Whip up some brownies, cookies or cupcakes and ice them with a loving message.

keeping romance after baby

This is not as hard as it sounds. For all you newbie’s in the bakery world, scoop some frosting from the store into a zip lock bag (freezer bags are the best for this, sometimes a simple sandwich bag will pop open, frosting everywhere) and cut the corner of the bag with scissors.  Ta-da, you have a pastry bag. Easy to pipe a quick quote and not near as complicated as Cake Wars.

romance after baby cake

LAUGH A LITTLE (or a lot)

Humor can bring you together in more ways than one. When the time presents itself, sit and watch a stand-up comedy special. I suggest a stand-up comedy because the entire premise is to make you laugh.  We especially love Jim Breuer. The man is hilarious when he gets into his home life with the wife and kids.  Great for parents to watch!


A movie comedy, podcast, or funny TV series are also good options. Spread some smiles and bond with your partner. After the busy day and while baby sleeps, you two deserve some you time. Relax in a cheerful way with a few belly chuckles.

romance after baby


If the weather is nice go for a walk with the family. Load the baby in the stroller or wear them. It’s time to get a move on. It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air will do. Taking the time to stroll with your loved ones is not only great exercise, it is refreshing as well.

romance after baby ideas

Spend this time talking about ideas, plans for the future or how your day went.  You can be surprised how long you have walked when invested in deep conversation.


Do you remember hovering over the coffee table entranced in a good ol’ game of Monopoly ?  These days with all the technology available to us, board games are not played often.  Spur up some old memories and dig out the dusty board games.

games after baby

If you don’t own any, make a special trip together and purchase one.  All the old classics are still out there (Clue, Battleship , Monopoly, Candy Land ), only somewhat modified.  There is an abundance of newer games that are just as fun.  Leave a comment below of your favorite board games as ideas for others!


Just smile at each other once in a while.  There are days that your wagon is dragging and it can be easy to just float through your routine absentminded.  A simple smile at one another can be invigorating.  Smiles encourage smiles.  Show off those pearly whites and create some good vibes.

These are only a few of many ways to celebrate each other as well as keep the flame burning bright.  Don’t let the spark die, keep it as bright as ever and connect with your partner!  Please share your ideas on ways to keep you and your partner smiling.

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  1. All of these sound like great ideas to reconnect as a couple, which I agree is important after a baby! I especially like having a dry erase marker in the bathroom, fun and functional haha

  2. Great tips! This is an all too important topic for parents whether new or seasoned! I have been covering this quite a bit on my blog as well. Love your tips! My husband and I used to play board games almost every night!

  3. Great tips! I love that a lot of these are things that don’t require finding a sitter for a date night, they are easy and can be done at home after the kids are in bed!

  4. Love it! I am pregnant and due in just a few short weeks! I am worried about keeping the romance alive with a newborn around but these are some really great tips =)

  5. I love the sticky note idea! That is so much fun! It is important to make sure that our partner is feeling loved too during the busyness of the postpartum period.

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