Rock Painting Craft

We are rocking out!  I’m not referring to head banging jam sessions, although we do that too.  We are creating colorful festive rock art.  Busting out the paints and brushes for this project is a must.  Decorating rocks with bright colors and festive shapes make for not only a great project but awesome garden art for you or a loved one.  This Rock Painting Craft is one to try with the little ones.

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Painting Rock Art

Rock art is a great way to engage your kid’s artistic side.  There is no right or wrong way of going about this craft and all ages can participate.  Rock art is a lovely way to add a splash of color to your landscaping or garden and your children will be proud to have had a hand in the decor as well. This project is simple to execute and the materials are easily obtained.

Project Materials

Acrylic paints

– Rocks

Clear sealer

That’s all that is required.  Super short material list!  The fun begins when your kids are set out to find their rocks.  Be sure to gather rocks from a source that is legal to take from, either from the back yard or a local park.  Some state parks and nature trails prohibit visitors from taking any surroundings, so just be wary of your areas rules and guidelines when seeking out the perfect rock to color.

Rock art Garden

For us, finding the perfect rocks was as easy as stepping outside the front door.  The little one picked a few he liked from the landscaping and we brought them in for a rinse.  Another way to go about hunting for rocks is a scavenger nature hunt.  Simply set out to a local park and give your children a list of items to find including rocks.  Not only will they benefit from the adventure, but it doesn’t stop there.  Now you can continue the fun when you bring those goodies (and rocks) home.

Take a Tour through Nature

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Collecting the rocks is only half the fun.  Now, pull out the paint brushes from the craft closet and lie down some newspaper or paper towels and assemble the rocks atop.   Set the children up with a paint pallet or tray.  This can be easily done using a paper plate.  Set out a water cup, brush and let them have at it.  For younger children, let them use a finger to make dots on their rocks.  The results are just as beautiful.

Rock Painting Craft

Painting your rocks can be done with paint brushes, sponges, stamps or finger paint!  There is no boundaries to this project and the possibilities are endless.  Add some glitter or even sequins.  After the rocks are painted and dry, perhaps hot glue some googly eyes or beads.

Finger painting Rock Art

Once the kids are done let those stunning stones thoroughly dry.  Next, it’s time to seal those festive colors so the rain will not wash them away.  Set the rocks outside on newspaper and give them a spray with a clear sealer such as, Krylon’s Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating.  The clear coat preserves the rocks painted surface, even in the rain!

Rock Painting Art

Let your children place their masterpieces in the yard or garden so they may admire their work.  The colorful creations are not only fun to make, but make for such a cute touch of color in the yard.  Every time you water the flowers or sprinkle the cucumbers the rocks will serve as a sweet reminder of amazing and exciting memories!.  Let the sealer dry completely before touching.  Once dry, it’s time to decorate the garden!


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