Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Art

Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Art


This project is oozing an array of colors! In case you haven’t noticed.  We love rocks.  Incorporating rocks and crafting is a match made in heaven.  Rocks are easy to find, super durable and serve as cute decor in the home or outdoors.   Watch as your child’s eyes light up as they create their own Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Art.  Kaleidoscopic shades are drizzled upon selected stones in a vibrant downpour.  This project is super simple to accomplish and perfect for all age groups.

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Let’s begin with the essentials.  Very few materials are needed for this craft.  All are easily attainable and can be found at your local craft store or online.


Hot Glue Gun


Acrylic Paint


Finishing Sealer

Rainbow Rain Rock Art

I cannot pass up an opportunity to beautify some stones.  These creations make for such vibrant garden art!  The next outing to the park or nature trail, ask your kiddos to seek out some exceptional rock specimens for this exciting project.  The hunt is half the fun.  You can choose single stones to decorate or as we did, found stones suited for stacking.

Rainbow Rain Balancing Rocks

Balancing Act

The sight of balancing rocks is captivating.  Eye appealing and unique, balancing rocks make for wonderful decor in the home, garden or as a gift.  For this project, the little one and I sought out rocks that we thought looked best when stacked.

Balancing Rock Art

Creating the illusion of balancing stones is quite simple.  Heat up the hot glue gun and begin sticking those rocks atop one another.  At this point, you may find yourself with some Zen-like creations.   While the glue sets, take this time to set up your Rainbow Rain Station.

Balancing Rock Art Activity

Keep the Rainbow Rain Contained

I have found the easiest way to achieve an organized rainbow color presentation is to use a Party Platter as a paint palette.  The mess is easy to clean, all the paint is in one place, and the platter is sturdy.  Pour approximately two tablespoons of acrylic paint into each of the platters portions, alternating colors for each section.

Rainbow Rain Rock Art Activity

Not all acrylics are created equal.  Some have a thicker consistency than others.  However, to achieve the rain effect we are seeking, we want the paint to have a texture similar to syrup, a little runny, but not too stiff.  I found that adding about four drops of water to each color gave my Acrylic Paints  the perfect consistency.

Prepare to make it Pour

Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Craft

Set the balancing rock structures on a paper plate near the paint station.  Take a straw and dip the end into a color.  While the straw is submerged in the paint, cover the top of the straw with your finger to trap a small amount of paint into the bottom of the straw.  You may need to demonstrate this to your children beforehand.

Rainbow Rain Demonstration

Keep your finger on the top of the straw and hover the end just over your rock structures.   Lift your finger off the top to release the trapped paint in the straw bottom and watch it rain over the stones. If the paint is a bit thick, blow through the top of the straw to push the paint over your stones.  This makes for some psychedelic color creations.

Rainbow Rain Kid Activity

Keep a small cup of water nearby so that you can rinse off the end of the straw between colors.  Watch as your kids are amazed by the rainbow rain wonder.  Colors drizzle over the stones in differing patterns and designs.  This rainbow rains know no limits.  Let as much or as little color fall as you please.  As soon as the Rainbow Rain comes to an end, set aside those colorful stones to dry.

Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Craft

Preserve the Kaleidoscopic Colors

Using a clear acrylic sealer ensure these vibrant balancing rocks will last a long time.  Not only does sealing the colors make certain these creations will hold up, the seal will protect them if used as garden art.  Using a waterproof sealer such as Krylon Finish Spray, coat your rock art in a protective seal preventing corrosion from outside conditions.

Rainbow Rain Rock Art for Kids

Now its time to decorate.  Add a splash of color to a home or garden with your amazing, eye catching Rainbow Rain Balancing Rock Art!
Rainbow Rain Rock Art Fine Motor Skill Activity. Crafts kids love. Click to read how!
Rainbow Rain Rock Art Fine Motor Skill Activity. Crafts kids love. Click to read how!

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  1. What a fun craft! I used to paint rocks all the time when I was a kid. I love the idea of using the straw, it’s a great small motor skill for littles!

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