Plan an Epic and Unique Pregnancy Reveal

plan an epic pregnancy reveal

The test reads positive!  Woohoo!  It is so hard to keep the big news to yourself.   Most of us scream at the top of our lungs and run through the house jumping around like we just won the lottery.  In a sense, we have.  However, you have this exciting secret, lets not waste it.  Announcing your pregnancy can be insanely fun.  Therefore, why not plan an epic and unique pregnancy reveal?

pregnancy reveal for dad

You’re bursting at the seams, yes!  No one knows, now is a good time to take advantage of it.

It may be tempting to tell your mate, but hold off for just a bit. There are so many cute pregnancy reveals for family and friends, why not try out a pregnancy reveal for husband?  After all, he did help create this little one, now make the news something special so that he will remember forever.  This is a moment that will be forever ingrained in your mind.  To make that moment not only a surprise but entirely molded into your own quirky story will forever be a memory to cherish.

Below are a few unique pregnancy reveal ideas you may find intriguing enough to try yourself.  Get creative and put on your big girl pants, we are planning an epic pregnancy reveal for husband!

expecting dad pregnancy reveal ideas

Morning Coffee

If soon to be Dad takes coffee in the morning, surprise him with a cup of Jo in a brand spanking new “World’s Greatest Dad” mug.  There are tons of cute Dad mugs out there.  Take some time to stop by the store or browse online for one you really love.  Be sneaky and snag a mug that closely resembles your dining ware so its not apparent at first glance.  Then wait as he slowly realizes his custom cup and warm brew brings news of a baby!  Snap a picture!

unique ideas

Parking Violation

This idea is truly epic! Print out a phony parking ticket as a way to announce the new baby.  Fill out your parking violation with all the information you would see on an authentic ticket in your area only include as snippet about him being a new daddy.  It will be a whirlwind on emotions!  The frustration from a supposed ticket to a rush of happiness upon the news of a new arrival!

pregnancy reveal idea


You can download a phony parking violation I made for you HERE for free!

I recommend printing it on bright orange or yellow paper so that it appears authentic.

Place the pregnancy reveal parking ticket in his windshield to find later.  The results are priceless.   I would recommend planning this one out ahead of time so that you will be nearby to snap some pictures of his reaction.  Those are some pretty special images to keep for the photo album later.

Pregnancy Reveal Cake

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  One unique way to announce a pregnancy reveal to husband is with a tasty message.  Bake a cake or brownies and pipe a frosting message revealing the big news.  “You’re a Dad” or “We’re Pregnant” is short and sweet.  However, feel free to get creative and scribble your message as you wish.

You don’t need to be a professional baker to accomplish this trick.  Simply scoop a batch of icing from the store or homemade into a Ziploc bag and cut the corner.  BAM, a piping bag!  Squeezing your pregnancy announcement has never been so easy!

cake pregnancy reveal

Overflow Gag

All you pranksters out there, this is for you.  After using a home pregnancy test and it reads positive, yell for your man to come quick.

Exclaim, “Honey, the toilet is overflowing!  Help!”

When they arrive have the test results sitting on top of the toilet lid for him to see.  Surprise!  Now, snap a picture and share it with your friends.


Ultimate hospital delivery bag checklist

Shopping List

Need to send the man of the house out for a quick run to the store?  Add a little something extra to the shopping list.  Start out with what you need and sneak a little pregnancy reveal for husband in there.  Here is an example:

pregnancy reveal list ideas

Congratulations on your new addition momma and I wish you all the best on the journey ahead.

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  1. I’m not pregnant yet but hoping to be soon! These are some great ideas that I have never heard of! I love the toilet overflowing and parking ticket ones! Thanks for the printable parking ticket! If we are lucky enough to conceive I will let you know which one of these I use! Thanks, bunches!

  2. Some of these are really cute. My husband and I are talking about maybe (if we can maintain the stability we’re finally gaining) starting to try for a family early next year and I’m already starting to think of ways I could give him the news if and when it finally happens!

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