Pregnancy Pillows: The Savior of the Pregnant Ladies

A good night’s sleep is very important for the proper functioning of our entire body and mind, and if a person has not got an ideal sleep during the wee hours of the day, he is sure to be very irritated at work and will not be able to work efficiently for the entire day.

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Sweet Dreams

So, if sleeping is such an important thing for us, it is, without any doubt, more crucial to the pregnant ladies as they are carrying a little one in their stomach. And apart from this, many gynecologists and doctors have also mentioned that the overall health of the newborn depends on a lot of the sleeping hours and sleeping pattern of the mother.

Although, sleeping is very important for the to-be-mother, yet, various hormonal changes and other factors which occur due to various trimesters of pregnancy make it very difficult for a pregnant lady to get a sound sleep. These are the biological changes which happen during the period of pregnancy, which alters the sleeping hours of a pregnant woman. As a matter of research, about 78 percent of the pregnant ladies do not get a proper sleep and feel the effects of a sleeping disorder. Therefore, you should always consult a doctor once you get pregnant to devise out a plan to have a sound sleep during all the three trimesters of your pregnancy.

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Lay Your Head

According to various studies, at least six hours of sound sleep is a must for the pregnant women to protect their babies from the strain of pregnancy and many other disorders. During pregnancy, the hormonal levels of progesterone shoot up during sleep hours, and this is the main cause that a pregnant woman feels sleepiness all the day and gets fatigue arrests quite now and then.

Restless legs syndrome is one of the most frequent issues which comes up to the pregnant ladies as most of the times, the pregnant women sit in a place for a long time without any movement of their legs. This might happen when she is resting at some place or even if she is sleeping with an improper posture. This is the reason which has prompted the innovation of pregnancy pillows.

It is very important that the pregnant ladies follow a proper posture during their sleep hours, and the normal pillows which we use do not allow that freedom. So, there are some special pillows which are made for the pregnant ladies to give them a comfortable posture while sleeping.

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Pillow Talk

So, let us now talk about the different types of pregnancy pillows available in the market. Well, although they are available in different shapes and sizes, yet, there is three major type of pregnancy pillows:

  • Wedge shaped pillows
  • Full body length or the C-type pillows
  • U-shaped pillows

Since after completing some months of pregnancy, your belly will start to grow, so, you will feel more difficult to sleep with ease in either direction, since, it will put more strain on your stomach. Thus, what these pillows do is that they adjust your sleeping position in such a way that you have a support at your back and under your belly as well, which reduces the strain and gives you a good and sound sleep. Apart from that, these pregnancy pillows will also save you from the restless leg syndrome, since these pillows tend to cuddle you and thus, you will not have any restriction over sleeping in a definite posture.




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