How Playing Dress-Up Encourages Growth in Children

playing dress-up for growth

Children have a vivid and wild imagination.  This creativity is a vital tool in their social, emotional and physical development.  Imaginative play is crucial for young children.  When your child uses their imagination they are also learning how to work through scenarios and abstract concepts.  This type of learning experience helps mold your child’s sense of self and how they should behave and act in different situations.

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For this reason, it is highly encouraged to provide your children with a creative outlet for these moments.  Playing dress-up is a great way to achieve this.  When your child has a way to easily express their creativity, they will grow and flourish quickly.  It doesn’t need to be Halloween or a special party to let your children dress-up.  Allowing them easy access to articles they can use and wear to enhance their playing experience inspire them.

playing dress up

Let them be Heroes

Playing dress-up for a child is similar to hopping into a movie.  Once the outfit is on, they are in full swing.  This is a wonderful quality.  Accepting the role they have chosen for themselves also encourages them to accept the responsibilities of that role.  With each outfit comes a duty to uphold and your children learn to follow through with those duties, responsibilities and actions through play.

Have you ever popped your head around the corner to see your darling daughter playing princess with her dolls?  In most situations, that little princess is delegating some important business in the kingdom.  This is a scenario where your child is displaying responsibility and taking charge.  They understand the role they are playing requires tasks to be completed and actions must be made.  Even if its to get to the top of bubble gum mountain.

playing dress up for growth

Play for Everyday

When your child is playing dress-up and assuming a role they are also exploring boundaries and discipline.  Our son loves to play fireman.  Being there is a park nearby with a firetruck makes this play even more enjoyable.  When we are seeking a new and fun outdoor wardrobe, we head straight to Kidorable for a durable outfit.  They have several character selections to choose from that are all outdoor friendly.


As your child slips into their fireman coat and heads  outside, you will notice they have accepted that role.  A fireman must keep people safe, watch out for danger and prevent “fires”.  These are all examples of responsible boundaries and discipline.  With these ideas put in place, you may notice your child pretending to scold a “bad guy” (the neighbor next door coming over to play).  They understand the difference between right and wrong and practice these skills in their play.

As your Kidorable Fireman flies through the yard to save the day, you may notice just how beneficial playing dress-up truly is.  When your child dresses up and accepts their role, they are also self teaching.  Your child will explore their emotions and analyze the emotions of others.  Observing each others reactions to different scenarios is just one more way they are developing into their own little selves.

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The Gear for Playing Dress-up

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself scrolling through the Kidorable website to discover your child’s next big adventure.  Providing your kids with several dress-up options is highly encouraged.  Having a broad range of characters to choose from only enhances their learning.  Having the option to play several roles allows your child to become aware of other scenarios and not just their favorite superheroes.

Its a good idea to think of durability when choosing your child’s dress-up gear.  Those quick reflexes and active bodies tend to give most toys a workout.  Investing in quality gear is a great way to save you time and money.  Having play gear that will last not only helps your wallet, it also helps your children.  No parent or child is leaping for joy when a costume rips or breaks.  This is another reason we choose Kidorable for all our outdoor gear.  I recommend checking them out for yourself.

playing dress up kid education

Play On

As children play and use their imagination to transform their world, they are in turn relying on their inner resources.  This is a wonderful way to build independence for the future.  When children have accepted the role of King of the Dinosaur’s, they have also accepted the idea to independently make decisions for their Dino subjects.  This builds confidence and encourages resourcefulness.

Therefore, let them dress-up.  Place a special basket or hang a few hooks on the wall especially for costumes.  With all those choices readily available, your child’s imagination can run wild!

How Playing Dress-Up Encourages Growth in Children- Learn the Social, Emotional and Mental Benefits of Dress-Up for Children's Development

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