The TO-DO List You Have Accomplished and Didn’t Even Know It

The TO-DO List you have Already Accomplished

We are all supermoms!  You there, still in your pajama pants at 2 pm, yes YOU!  That’s right, you are a supermom!  Over there, you at the office, crunching numbers, you at home typing your next post, yes, all of you!  Every one of you are supermoms and you have already accomplished your TO-DO List for the day!

How can this be, you may ask.  Your list has the same ten tasks you have been struggling to squeeze in for the last five months!

Oh no, I’m not talking about that list.  That list will get checked off in due time.  I’m referring to your actual daily list of things to do.  The list you don’t even bother to write down because its engraved in your mind and you understand that if that list is not done, the entire operation will fall apart!

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How to teach your Toddler to Fish

How to Teach your Toddler to Fish

Reap the benefits of teaching your toddler how to fish with these simple steps.  Not only is the experience fun, it’s also educational.  There are many ways to incorporate several lessons into a fishing trip.  Anything from nature and science, biology, life lessons, respect and patience are all teaching tools that are easily integrated into fishing.  Its time to take your toddler fishing!

Fishing is an outdoor activity our family takes seriously.  When it’s time to fish, we grab our gear, pack a cooler and head out for a full day on the water.  Naturally as our family grew, we knew fishing would still be a big part of our lives.  So, I present to you this very important content with how to teach your toddler to fish!

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Girls Guide To Fishing

Girls Guide to Fishing

Alright ladies, it’s time to put our big girl pants on and go fishing!  This activity is not just for the boys, us ladies can fish too.  Not only can we fish, we can do it well.  Now, let’s load that beautiful brain up with some basic knowledge of the ins and outs of fishing so that we don’t tangle our lines and snag every branch.  This fishing guide should give you all the essential information you need to fish like a semi-pro.

Get Stoked about Fishing

Fishing can really open your mind up in terms of other outdoor activities.  It is surprising how many places are available to fish all around you.  There is never a dull moment if you have a rod in the trunk of your car, just search around for the nearest body of water and see if you can get a nibble on the line. Embracing the idea of fishing can be overlooked by some ladies.  I want to inspire you to really try and get involved in the process.  Fishing is a way to really connect to nature. Not only will fishing become a relaxing activity for you,but getting your family involved in the process is even more elating.

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Plan an Epic and Unique Pregnancy Reveal

plan an epic pregnancy reveal

The test reads positive!  Woohoo!  It is so hard to keep the big news to yourself.   Most of us scream at the top of our lungs and run through the house jumping around like we just won the lottery.  In a sense, we have.  However, you have this exciting secret, lets not waste it.  Announcing your pregnancy can be insanely fun.  Therefore, why not plan an epic and unique pregnancy reveal?

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6 Kid Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Kid Activities to Beat the Heat

Baby its HOT outside!  I mean hot!  If you live in an area where the temperature can reach the triple digits on a regular basis you may find yourself staring out the window longing to step outside.  The heat can make it difficult to step outdoors with family.  No need to worry, here are a few summer activities to keep your family entertained during those broiling hot days and beat the heat.

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A Letter To My Children

A letter to My Children
Letter Of Love

This letter is to my children.  An opportunity to express the love I have for them and our family.  I am so grateful to be blessed with such treasures.  Although, not entirely fancy or rich, I find our home and family wealthy with love.  Quite quaint may we be, we still find the joy in it all.

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12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag

Essential Item for your hospital delivery bag

Labor pains are kicking in and its time to have a baby.  Do you have everything you need for the journey?  There are some items that you will find to be more valuable than you imagined once your in the thick of things.  Don’t forget these simple items to make your stay a little easier and comfortable before and after delivery.  Here are 12 essential items for your hospital delivery bag.

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Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Breastfeeding tips for mom

The advantages of breastfeeding are abundant.  What a miraculous occurrence that your body not only created life, it also provides the essential nutrients your baby needs to grow healthy and strong.  If you are willing and able to breastfeed I highly recommend it.  Not only will it aid in healing your body after baby it also equips your baby with vital nutrients formulated just for them.  Challenges may arise and a few Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms can be quite useful.

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How To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling

How to prepare your child for a SIBLING

A new bundle of joy is on the way!  Adding another member to the family is thrilling and a little intimidating.  You put all this love and effort into your first born, reminiscing on the hard times and the whimsical memories you’ve shaped and now another is on their way.  You may wonder How to prepare your child for a sibling?

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