8 Essential Safety Tips for Fishing with Children

fishing with children

The connection formed between a parent and a child during a fishing outing stays with you for the rest of your life. Those quiet moments spent along the shore or on the water give your child an experience that they’ll replicate with their children and so on for generations. Be sure to stay safe while creating these memories using these helpful tips on fishing with children.

guest post by: Adam Brown of Cast For Fish 

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Healthy Outdoor Activities To Do with Your Family this Weekend – Guest Post by: Shawn Michaels


Weekends are supposed to be all about some quality time with family and fun filled activities. Staying inside your home can get super boring for the kids and yourself. Therefore, make sure you step outside and take a breath in fresh air. There are so many activities you can do outdoors but when it comes to family, it means something special and something appeals the taste of all the family members. Particularly, doing those outdoor activities that have positive impact on body and mind’s health can benefit you and your kids while you are just having fun. You must be wondering which ones I am I am taking about exactly.

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How Playing Dress-Up Encourages Growth in Children

playing dress-up for growth

Children have a vivid and wild imagination.  This creativity is a vital tool in their social, emotional and physical development.  Imaginative play is crucial for young children.  When your child uses their imagination they are also learning how to work through scenarios and abstract concepts.  This type of learning experience helps mold your child’s sense of self and how they should behave and act in different situations.

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How to Tame Toddler Tantrums for Good

How to tame toddler tantrums for good

Your little baby is not so little anymore.  As your child grows and their mind develops, they blossom into their own personality.  You will notice that your child portrays characteristics and traits unique to their own self.  This is all great and wonderful in the world of parenthood.  However, this new recognition of self tends to trigger an obstacle.  The Toddler Tantrums.  Yes, as your child begins to gain independence they also wish to exercise it.  With independence comes a few, “Oh, honey that is not for you.”  or “We don’t touch those.”, to which you are rewarded with a full on tantrum.  So, lets chat about How to Tame Your Toddler Tantrums for Good!

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after pregnancy body back


You’ve pored over infant books, scoured the Internet and read each conceivable article about how to nurture an infant. You’ve been to your six-week post-delivery specialist’s visit and been given a doctor’s green signal of good health. You and your child may even have started to fall into some kind of routine amid the day and are getting a couple winks at night.

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Identifying Baby Skin Rash and Baby Skin Care

identifying baby skin rash and baby skin care

Your baby’s sweet and soft rolls feel so good in your arms.  Alright, not all babies have rolls.  However, those chunky monkey’s are super adorable.  (Ahem, yeah… my youngest is a total squish)  That soft, sweet skin is easy to love.  However, your baby’s skin is also very delicate and when a sudden blemish appears, it may come as a shock or scare.  Here is what to expect when identifying baby skin rash and baby skin care.

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How to Take Care of Your Children in the Modern Era

Guest Post by the lovely: Nicki Marie

It’s no secret that new things are invented every single day. Technology is rapidly increasing. Most of the aforementioned technology is pretty productive and allow us to perform tasks much more efficiently. For example, there was once a time when we used an alarm clock, a radio, a camera, a telephone, a calculator – However, now all you need to buy is a Smartphone and you are all set.  How times have changed in the modern era.

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How To Easily Restore Stained Baby Clothes using Natural Dyes

It’s Official!  The Cirque de Sole of baby food is performing in my kitchen.  Sweet potato and avocado soar through the air landing ever so gracefully on my baby’s head.  What a show.  Baby clothes go through some tough times.  There are only so many stain removal treatments you can try before you are stuck with a forever smudged garment that will no longer flatter your little one.  However, rather than tossing out the soiled duds, give them a makeover using natural dyes from fruits and vegetables!

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How to Illuminate Eyes When Photographing Kids

Illuminate eyes using any camera when photographing kids

The saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  Well for moms, light is a girl’s best friend.  You may be thinking, “Sure, if I’m fishing a lost toy or binky from under the couch.”  Well, momma dear its good for more than that.  Let’s talk about photographing your kids.  What if I were to tell you it’s possible to capture stunning pictures of your child no matter your camera type?  Yep, great pictures are possible even on an Iphone or android.  Here is How to Illuminate Eyes When Photographing Kids.

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Affordable Kid Friendly Favors Your Party Needs to be Epic

kid friendly favors your party needs to be epic

Gone are the days of boring party favors.  Your child’s big day is right around the corner and the only thing your party needs is a unique party favor for the kids.  Ditch the old days of goodie bags filled with trinkets and candy and give the kids something unforgettable.  These are Affordable Kid Friendly Favors Your Party Needs to be Epic.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ooShirts.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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