How To Overcome Postpartum Anxiety Naturally

Morning is upon you and it’s a beautiful day.  Suddenly, you find yourself overcome with a hint of panic.  You are overwhelmed with feelings of under duress for no reason and not sure why.  This may be a sign you’re suffering from postpartum anxiety.  No need for alarm my dear, you’re not alone and there is something you can do about it. This is How To Overcome Postpartum Anxiety Naturally.

Postpartum anxiety is a very real issue.  Some cases are more severe than others.  If you find yourself in such a panic that it is physically debilitating you may have a more serious case and should consult your doctor.  My level of stress was that of generalized anxiety and I was able to treat it successfully with natural cures.   Before we dive into the whimsical world of natural remedies, keep in mind everyone is different and to always consult your medical healthcare professional beforehand.

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Why all the Worry

Nervous tension or excessive, constant worrying is a feeling that may intimidate anyone who has just given birth and never experienced anxiety before.  At first, you may wonder if you suffer from postpartum depression which may not be so, but is a symptom of depression.   I remember when I would be sitting in the living room, baby happily cooing, the chores finished, no pressing matters to attend to and there I was a ball of stress and worry, not knowing why I felt so much pressure.

In such a state of uneasiness, I made an appointment with my doctor.  I was new to this sensation and with no real knowledge I sought out help from a professional.  To my dismay, I was referred to a psychologist for analysis and prompted to receive prescription remedies.  This was NOT OK with me.  I did not want to be reliant on a prescription drug and load my body with chemicals.

I just had a baby.  The last thing I wanted was a drug in my body while breastfeeding or at all for that matter.  I voiced this to my doctors, to which we did not see eye to eye.   Thus began my journey to discover alternative methods to aid in my worries.

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Aiding Herbs, back to basics

After extensive research and a means to take the edge off I came across a wonderful herb I would like to share with you.  It is all natural and commonly growing in most gardens all over the world.  It is Lemon Balm.  This magical little herb was used in the middle ages as a means to reduce stress and ease pains. It’s been around for centuries and utilized in many ways to heal and aid.

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Lemon Balm is also referred to as Melissa leaves.  The terms are interchangeable and the herb is most referred to as Lemon Balm due to its lemon like fragrance.   It eases the digestive system of gas and bloating and has been known to be used as an aid for ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease and sleep disorders.    Lemon Balm really is an amazing herb.


Lemon Balm

You may have come across lemon balm in the form of a tea or in foods.  However, as a supplement for stress you have several options.  There is an extract form of lemon balm, to which you can take a liquid dose.  Extract form is the quickest way for the herb to enter your system.  I’m not a fan of extracts for I find them bitter and most make me gag, even diluted.  Therefore, I use the pill form supplements.  The pills are just the herb dried and ground into a capsule, super easy to take and no fuss.

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There are several ways to ease the stress, but the one thing that has helped me the most is Lemon Balm.  Lemon Balm takes the edge off without making you feel odd or groggy.  It’s effective and takes effect quickly.  I found that this herb really worked for me and others I had mentioned it to.  Therefore, I want to share this with you so that it may be useful in your life.  I am an avid believer in keeping it natural and staying away from harsh chemicals and prescriptions unless absolutely necessary and this was a huge factor in my overcoming postpartum anxiety.

Soak it Up

sunset postpartum anxiety

Another natural practice for alleviating anxiety is to simply go outside.  Caring for an infant is demanding.  It’s not unusual to find yourself so engaged with baby that you realize you have not seen the light of day in a while.  Step outside and soak up some of those nutrient rich rays.  Exposure to the sunlight increases the body’s production of D3 and serotonin levels which uplifts temperament.

Lack of sunlight can cause mood disorders such as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This is especially so in the winter months.  Thus the term, winter blues.  If the sun is shining, take advantage of its mood boosting power and feel those beams on your skin!  Those rays of light lower blood pressure and encourage your body to feel more active.  Now get outside and get some fresh air!

You Smell Something?

 Essential Oils advocate a calming effect when used as aroma therapy.  I found that with the use of an Oil Diffuser in my home, not only does my house smell wonderful without the risk of harmful chemicals found in other fragrance products, but everyone is in a better mood.

herbal remedies to postpartum anxiety


With the use of calming aromas such as vetiver, lavender, sweet orange or chamomile you will experience less irritability or restlessness.  Essential oils aid in stress and anxiety and have been used for centuries among many cultures.   Add a few drops to a warm bath or use with carrier oils and apply topically to your temples, wrists or bottoms of feet.

Bushels of Blossoms

Flowers hold the power.  Plant life and flowers give influence to feelings of serenity and tranquility which can alleviate anxiety.  The calming ability of plants not only lifts the spirit, but the presence of nature increases awareness and concentration.   Request a loved one pick up a bouquet for you or purchase a plant for your mantle or desk.

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Bamboo is easy to care for and lasts years with proper care.  Other easy to care for pants are cacti, spider pants or succulents.   Fill some space with a touch of green and experience the soothing impressions of nature.  A little indoor greenery may be just what the doctor ordered.

Overcoming Postpartum Anxiety

If these remedies are not beneficial to you and you continue to experience a feeling of anxiousness and nervousness, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor for additional resources.  Some need more assistance than others and that is OK!  The significance of this post is to help guide you to taking steps needed in achieving a healthier and happier you.  I hope that these ideas help you to establish an atmosphere of peace.

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  1. These are great ideas! I suffered from pretty severe PPD, and going outside was a great help for me. Even just sitting on the porch improved my mood. I also started burning candles (something I never really did before) and that really helped, too.

  2. I started taking Maca Root which has natural levels of testosterone in it, and that helped greatly. I wish I was into essential oils back then when I struggled with PPD. These are all great suggestions.

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