How to Organize and Clean Baby Stuff

how to organize and clean baby stuff

Your child brings you so much love and joy every single day. It’s your duty as a
parent to provide him a safe space to explore the new world with all of its miracles
and mysteries. Day after day your kid’s curiosity grows and develops, every item
attracts its attention and captivates the interest for longer.

GUEST POST by the lovely: Sophia Evans

The child’s nursery is usually a pretty pastel cloud of happiness, which should protect its peace at all
time, but there are also many other things going on there. Diapers are being
changed, clothes are being put and taken off, toys are being scattered all around
and picked back up. Maintaining the ever fragile order and cleaning it can become
a full-time job added to the care for your bundle of joy, but we’ll show you how to
turn it into playtime.


Your starting point when it comes to organizing the nursery is to make sure
everything is scrubbed clean with non-toxic cleaning products. A baby’s skin is
softer than cotton and extremely sensitive. This is why there are so many different
baby-friendly washing detergents, fabric softeners and so much more.

The most preferred detergent option is the non-biological one, since it has been proven to be
overall safer and non-irritant for your baby’s skin. Fabric softeners with specially
designed for sensitive skin formulas are perfect to make your baby’s clothes as soft
as possible. You might want to start with it, rather than try a regular one, because
the risk of skin irritation and rashes, caused by non-suitable detergents and
softeners is bigger during the first months. Wash each item of clothing before its
first use and after every wear.

Another great tip you can use is to wash the baby’s clothes and bedding separately
from your clothes on 30-40°C. The low temperatures are cost-effective and safer for the
clothing itself, since babies’ clothes usually have more delicate types of fabric. There are
some cases in which it’s best to stick to the good old washing by hand. It might be time
consuming, but it’s a sure way to keep the tiny clothes intact.


Keeping clutter at bay and everything under control becomes an almost impossible task
once you have your baby home. His needs are your priority, but there should always be
some time for organizing. This is why you should help your future self out and make little
efforts every day. Vertical space is rarely taken into account and it must be. You can store
so many clothing items in a set of clear plastic drawers, designating and labeling each
drawer for a different type of clothing. For further sorting the drawers, use dividers for
socks, pants and small objects – they will prevent them from scattering all over.

Since your kid is growing up so fast, many of the clothes can become too small and
uncomfortable very easily. For cleaner space toss the outgrown ones in a basket and go
through it regularly to decide whether to throw away, sell or donate the articles. The same
applies to shoe pairs as well. For the first couple of months, before your toddler starts
walking around, they can be preserved in almost perfect condition and later sold for a good
price. As it often happens. Friends and family members may give you clothing items in
different sizes, so it’s easier to pile them according to it. This storing method will help you if
later you might need to locate something specific to an age.

Bio: Sophia Evans from Reliable cleaning team Clapham is really passionate about cleaning. She is mother of two little beautiful girls and her little free time she loves to read and write articles about cleaning and organizing.



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