Nurses Reveal the Secret to the Best Newborn Photo

Nurses Reveal the Secret to the Best Newborn Photo

Its time to summon your inner Ansel Adams.  Grab your camera and get ready for baby’s first day!  That first photo of your baby is one to cherish forever.  There is a vast array of new baby photos.  Some present baby crying, few show baby calm and comfortable and others eyes wide open staring into their mothers eyes for the first time.  Now, how would you like to have a shot of that last one?  Imagine a touching image of your baby gazing upon your face for the first time.  Well after some digging, Nurses Reveal the Secret to the BEST Newborn Photo.

No Strings Attached

Oh yes, there is a trick to achieve this first glance.  A method to the madness if you will.  One great aspect to this secret is its simplicity.  Its so clever and simple you may wrack your brain wondering why you never thought of it yourself.  No fancy equipment is needed or special products.  No silly toys and funny noises.  Depending on your birthing scenario, the setting and surrounding can be altered in your favor to easily enable you to capture that first born glance no matter what!

newborn Photo Secret


Best Kept Secret

Ideally, most labor and delivery rooms are dimly lit.  This allows the mother to relax a bit more rather than have multiple fluorescent lights beaming in them.  Honestly, moms are already straddled in a bed with it all out there.  Dim lighting makes uncomfortable.  For this scenario, the setting is in a hospital.  However, you can easily attempt to recreate the series of events at a home birth or after a cesarean (if the doctor allows it).

secret to the best newborn baby pictures

I See The LIGHT!

Many hands make light work.  There will be a game plan in place to achieve that magical shot.  Be sure to make your wishes clear beforehand.  Once baby is headed out of the birthing canal and moments before they enter this new world, get the Dad or your partner ready with a camera or phone.  Now, as soon as baby is birthed and set on Momma’s chest, flip on the light directly overhead the bed.  This will prompt baby to open their eyes.  If not only for a second, it’s a second to preserve.  The bright light is a shock to baby and there may be a bit of a fuss afterward.  However, I find that the moment captured is one you will adore, baby’s first glimpse of the new world.

best newborn photo

Plan for the Place

If you plan to give birth at home or with a mid-wife, request a lamp without the shade to be kept nearby.   Again, once baby arrives, switch on the lamp to capture a shot of baby’s first view of this new life.   This is a team effort and you may need to clue in the staff or those who you chose to be with you ahead of time.

newborn baby photography secret


Reach Out

Don’t be shy.  Most nurses are happy to assist in creating an epic moment for the parents.  Just be sure to clue them in on your plans and request any help you may need.  This way if more hands are needed, everyone is ready and on board.  I truly hope you are able to attain a great shot of baby peering up at you.  This is an image to treasure for years to come.  I wish you the best of luck in the memories ahead.  Congrats Momma’s!

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Nurses Reveal the Secret to the Best Newborn Photo. Capture the best shot after delivery to cherish forever. Click now to read how!

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