Natural Remedies Every Mom Should Know

Natural Remedies Every Mom Should Know

As mothers we strive to provide our families and children with the best of life.  Daily we find ourselves presented with the next best product or item that is “the best choice for you and your family”.  Although many of the products are great, there are times when we would rather keep in natural.  Whether the situation call for care towards your kids or us moms need a quick pampering.  Here are a few Natural Remedies Every Mom Should Know.

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Lemon Balm

As mothers, we tend to be a bit of a worry wart.  It’s in our nature.  Momma bear has a natural instinct to nurture and protect her family.  With all the ups and downs, as well as the occasional curve ball life can throw at us, you may find yourself a bit tense or vexed now and again.  For some, this feeling is a bit too much to handle.  However, rather than turn to pharmaceuticals and prescriptions, give this amazing natural remedy a try.

Natural remedies every mom needs

Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa leaves happens to be an ancient herb used for multiple medicinal purposes.  Of its many uses one that is beneficial to us moms is its ability to ease anxiety.  Lemon balm is extremely effective at taking edge off.  In addition to stress relief, this miracle herb is known to treat colic, digestive discomfort and protect the liver.  Jam packed with antioxidants, this is an herb that is too good to pass up.


Hibiscus Tea

Feeling under the weather?  Kids have a high fever?  Or perhaps you’re in need of menstrual pain relief? Hibiscus tea is a great way to remedy these ailments.  Due to its cooling effects, a cup of hibiscus tea is the perfect natural remedy for a fever.  Serve up a cup as an easy and safe way to reduce a fever for when the kids come down with a nasty bug.

natural remedies and cures for moms

Cramps, poor mood and discomfort are also remedied by a simple cup of hibiscus tea.  The benefits don’t stop there.  Hibiscus is known to fight cancer cells by reducing their ability to grow.  As an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, there is no stopping this lovely efflorescence.


Oregano Oil

Oregano has an amazing ability to superpower our immune system. Loaded with paramount antioxidant compounds associated to reducing oxidative strain in the body, this herb has the ability to turbo-charge your immune system.

natures remedies for moms

Use oregano in your cooking for an added boost to the immune system.  If you fall ill, consider ingesting a few drops of oregano oil to give increase your body’s ability to fight off the infection.   Oregano aids in digestion, increases energy levels and protects the heart.


Tea Tree Oil

This oil is so versatile.  Used by many for a multiple of reasons.  This magical herb is loaded with beneficial properties such as an anti-fungal, anti viral, insecticide, anti microbial, anti bacterial, the list goes on.  Tea tree oil is also used to treat and heal wounds. Not only does the oil alleviate and protect wounds, it also increases your body’s ability to prevent scarring.

As an antifungal, treat toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and many other bummer infections. Planning on spending the day in the great outdoors?  Dab a few drops of tea tree oil around ankles and wrists to keep away uninvited bugs.  Again, this is another natural remedy that has many more benefits than what is mentioned here.


Baking Soda

You can never have enough baking soda.  Commonly used in cooking or cleaning, it’s difficult to wrap your brain around the idea of this being of use for beauty and health.  Nevertheless, baking soda is an all around wondrous compound.  Due to its alkaline properties, baking soda is great at balancing acidity.

remedies for moms that work

Therefore it is very effective at treating heartburn when mixed in a glass of water for consumption.  Add a few teaspoons to your shampoo to reduce oiliness and promote a healthy scalp.  If your infant has fallen victim to cradle cap, a simple paste mixture of baking soda and water will calm the infection, reduce the oil secretion and clear it up within a few days.

We all love to look our best, especially during the holidays during all those family pictures.  Naturally whiten your teething with a paste mixture of baking soda and peroxide.  Don’t be nervous by the use of hydrogen peroxide, it’s technically oxygen water.  Brush your teeth with this mixture once a week until you achieve the whitening results desired.


Coconut Oil

Truly there is no end to the amazing uses of coconut oil.  For this remedy I want to focus on our hair and skin.  There are so many beneficial uses for this oil on your body, from rashes to infections, used as a makeup remover and more.  Applying coconut oil is to your hair and scalp is an effective way to treat dandruff, and reduce frizzy hair.  Simply apply it as a hair mask while in the shower and rinse before you step out.  Your locks will be silky smooth.

One of my favorite ways to use coconut oil as well as soak up its entire anti aging, mineral infused and cellulite preventing properties is to use it in place of shaving cream.  Intimidated by the idea at first considering it’s a solid until melted down, I was shocked at how easy this is to achieve.  When in the shower, apply coconut oil to your skin by scooping out a handful and smoothing over the area.  The warmth of the shower steam and your body make it easy to apply.  Then, shave!

natural cures for moms

The oil melts right off your razor when rinsed under the warm shower water.  Therefore, no build up.  Not only are you going to be silky smooth, your skin will be hydrated and nourished beyond belief.  Coconut oil aids in treating stretch marks, dryness and cellulite.  That’s reason enough to just lather it on all over!


Green Tea

I’m sure you have heard the benefits of this tea for weight loss and cleansing the body and ridding of toxins.  Green tea is a great way to boost the immune system and energy levels.  It is also beneficial to our precious skin.  Green tea has anti aging properties. That is reason enough to want a glass a day.

natural remedies for mothers

Green tea is made up of antioxidant components that when consumed regularly can reduce and delay the signs of aging and prevent cancer.  Don’t toss out those left over tea bags just yet.  Store them in a zip lock in the fridge to remedy dark circles under the eyes.  Place a bag under each eye and let sit for approximately 15 minutes to reduce swollen and dark under eyes.

As moms, we work hard.  These remedies are a way to assist in those days when we need something more, yet strive to keep it simple and natural.  I hope you find these natural remedies and beauty benefits useful in your own lives as we have in ours.  Good luck momma’s!

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