5 Natural Cures and Remedies You Didn’t know about

Natural Remedies you didnt know about

Upholding a natural lifestyle and practicing holistic alternatives is all the rage.  And for good reason!  Most natural remedies work better than over the counter methods or prescriptions.  By eliminating the harmful toxins and chemicals and replacing these products with natural alternatives eliminates the risk of side effects and illnesses that can occur with most manufactured solutions. This list consists of 5 Natural Cures and Remedies you didn’t know about.  These alternative aids have helped my family and friends in our daily lives and I hope they do the same for you!

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Natural Cures You Didn’t Know About

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1. Indian Healing Clay 

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Also known as, Bentonite clay, this natural remedy is a remarkable means of pulling toxins from the body.  The clay can be used internally and externally.  It’s important not to bring any metals into contact with your clay mixtures as this will reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.  Use glass or plastic bowls and utensils in preparation.

Personally I use the clay as a face mask to pull toxins from my skin, cure acne and prevent oily skin. However, the benefits don’t stop there.  The clay can be used to treat burns, cuts and insect bites or stings.  Internally the clay is used to aid in digestion and treat illness.  There is so much this natural cure has to offer!

2. Coconut Oil

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This is one of my favorites for so many reasons.  I have a jar of it in almost every room of my home.  We cook with it, use it topically and more.  When it came to my babies, this was my go to for treating most common baby ailments.  Since babies are so sensitive in that first year there is very little you can administer without the risk of harm. Coconut oil took the guess work out of this.  It’s a natural moisturizer, anti fungal and more.  I would lather my kids up from head to toe in the stuff.  Rashes, bug bites, cradle cap, diaper rash and tender spots were banished with this miracle oil.

The benefits of coconut oil are never ending.  Used as a supplement or in foods it can help to convert bad cholesterol into good cholesterol.  The oil can aid in weight loss and help burn fat when included in your daily diet.  It’s also helpful as an appetite suppressant, hinder the desire to overeat.

Coconut oil also does wonders for the hair skin and nails.  I use it every day as my makeup remover.  The oil works better to remove my mascara than most makeup removers I’ve purchased.  Not only does it effectively remove makeup, it is also working its magic on my skin as I use it.

Read more about coconut oil and the many uses and wonders it beholds in, Uses and Miracles of Coconut Oil.

3. Lemon Balm

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This little miracle herb is one that I admire.  If you suffer from anxiety or stress, this herb supplement takes the edge off. Often used in herbal teas and cooking, as an herbal supplement, the medicinal properties are endless.  Not only used as an anti-anxiety remedy, it has been utilized for centuries as an aid in multiple disorders and diseases including Alzheimer’s.

To read more about how lemon balm helped me in Overcoming Postpartum Anxiety.

4. Tea Tree Oil

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There is a bottle of tea tree oil in my purse, car and the baby’s diaper bag so that I have it at all times.  This oil is not only an anti-fungal it also repels insects and treats stings bites and wounds.  Rather than spray down the kids with a bug spray containing Deet, I grab the tea tree oil and apply to their ankles and arms to keep the mosquitoes and ticks away from my babies on fishing and camping trips.

Combine about twenty drops of tea tree oil in approximately two cups of water in a spray bottle to spray your campsite down before you unload.  Bugs dislike this oils aroma and will stay away from your site during your stay.  This makes for a much more enjoyable stay in the outdoors.

Tea tree oil is a great remedy for bug bites as well.  Apply a drop to the affected area for relief from the sting and itch.  As an anti-fungal, the oil works effectively against nail fungus and athletes foot.  Some use a few drops of the oil in water as a natural antiseptic mouthwash.

5. Butchers Broom

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All you new mothers out there!  Have you experienced the wonderful world of hemorrhoids upon giving birth?  I sure did, ouch!  Not only is this a remedy for us moms, but for anyone who suffers from this painful symptom.  Butchers broom!  Also referred to as Scotch Broom.

I stumbled upon this natural cure after having had hemorrhoids for SIX months with no relief after giving birth.  I tried it all, doctors orders and over the counter.  Oh, the benefits of all natural products.  I found butchers broom after a bout of long research and gave it a try.  What a miracle.  They were GONE in three days and the pain, no more.

I recommended the supplement to my family members who had suffered from the same nasty pains and they were shocked at the results.  They swear by this fantastic herb and have now been using it for years.

These natural remedies are sure to aid you and your family throughout everyday life.  I hope that you will find them just as useful.  Please, share what has worked for you as well as other remedies you and your family love!

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  1. I know of and use 3 of these. I use bentonite clay on my face mostly but I have also used it in my hair. Coconut oil gets daily use at my house and tea tree oil is so essential to my skin care routine!

  2. I’m pretty darn hippie, but butchers broom is new to me! I will definitely recommend it to the mamas I work with.

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