Must Have Items for Your Diaper Bag

Must Have Items For Your Diaper Bag


We all do it.  Especially when its your first child.  You find yourself stuffing the diaper bag with the entire nursery hoping you don’t forget anything.  As time passes, you narrow down what you really need in that overflowing satchel of baby gear and what you can do without.  For this list I wanted to share a few items that may prove to be useful in your diaper bag.  These are my Must Have Items for Your Diaper Bag.

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Not all Bags are created Equal

There is an abundance of fashionable, chic diaper bags out there.  If you decide you want to simplify your life and combine your purse and diaper bag, seek out a one that really fits your style. These stylish options have all the bells and whistles other diaper bags possess.  The only difference is, they don’t look like a diaper bag.   Many styles and textiles are available.  Not to mention, diaper bags are not cheap.  Therefore, if you are about to lay down the dough for a bag, purchase one you can truly enjoy.   From Totes to Satchels to Messenger bags, there are so many elegant choices.

Must have Diaper bag Items

Must Have Items for Baby in Diaper bag


Ziploc bags

No mom wants a stinky, poop diaper in their bag or purse.  When you’re stuck in those no waste basket moments, have a stash of Ziploc bags handy to store away that stinky diaper until you can dispose of it properly.  Not only do these baggies come in handy for dirty diapers, they are also handy for storing a half eaten granola bar or a dirty onesie covered in spit- up.  Those tend to reek after a while and if it will be a while before you arrive home, stick the dirty garb in a baggie for stink free bliss.

Teething necklace

This parenting gear is easy to pack away and a lifesaver when you’re caught in a situation that requires your attention and your little one is gnawing on your shoulder.  Pull this sleek and stylish necklace out, and wear it.  Your baby can chomp away as you get through the conversation with the pediatrician.

Must Have Items for Your Diaper Bag

Boogie wipes

Your baby has the sniffles.  Now they have smeared a long line of slug-like snot halfway across their face and it has dried into a crusty path of mucus.  Boogers are nasty.  They are also a pain to wipe away with only a tissue or wipe.  While you were driving to the store, your little one was applying their snot as war paint.  Now that you’re in the parking lot, you see your sweet angel has green goo encrusted on their cheeks, eyebrows and forehead.  Rather than scrub their little face raw.  Save yourself time and elbow grease with some Boogie Wipes .  These little wipes pack a lot of power when it comes to removing encrusted boogers.  Be sure to have some on hand.

Extra clothes

 Piggy backing off the last item, extra clothes are a must.  Pack an extra onesie and socks.  Baby’s can be messy, so it’s best to have an extra set of apparel for them in case of a leaky diaper, a full-on blowout or spilled milk.  No mom wants their baby covered in a mess and stink, extra clothes come in handy.  I even go so far as to keep an extra set for both my kids in each of our cars.  You never know when you may need it.

Copies of Kids Insurance Cards

 You are not the only one that watches the kids.  My insurance cards are in my wallet.  So if something happens and the grandparents have the kids, I want them to have that information.  I have a small plastic container with Band-Aids in my diaper bag that I also keep a copy of the kid’s insurance cards.  Just in case.

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Tea tree oil

I love tea tree oil.  This essential oil is really great when it comes to kids.  When outdoors and the bugs are out for blood, dabbing this oil on the back of the kid’s neck and around their ankles keep the flying beasts from attacking their precious skin.   If they are bitten by a mosquito, a dab of tea tree oil treats the sting and prevents the itch.  Any cuts or scrapes can be treated and disinfected with a dab of oil before applying a bandage.

That only scratches the surface of the wonders of Tea Tree Oil.   This oil is packed with many benefits.  You will find a bottle of it in my purse, diaper bag, medicine cabinets and even in the kitchen.

Baby Nail Clippers

 This little tool is not only great to have around when your little ones nail talons are dangerously long.  Babies nail clippers wok wonders when you find a loose string hanging from your child’s clothing or their stuffies.  Easy snip the straggling string with a pair of clippers.  No need to hunt down a pair of scissors and easy to pack away.

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The Essentials

Of course you will pack your diaper bag with essential items such as diapers, wipes, formula, bottles and snacks.  If the kids need any special medicines or an Epi-pen, it’s important to keep that in your bag at all times as well.  The items above are just a few odd entries that I stow away for our adventures into the wild.  I hope you find these to be useful too!  Please share what items you could not live without in your diaper bag or during an outing with the kids.

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Must Have Items for your Diaper Bag. Most needed items for your baby bag that you didn't know about. Click to read more.

Must Have Items for your Diaper Bag. Most needed items for your baby bag that you didn't know about. Click to read more.

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  1. Wow! Great list! As a nanny and babysitter, I’ve carried several diaper bags that were not “properly stocked” and was left scrambling to make do. Love the ziploc idea!

  2. Love the beautiful bags. As a grandma to infants and toddlers. the diaper bag is valuable. Teething necklaces are so wonderful. Wish we had those for my own children, but the babies love them and wear them almost all the time. Stopping by from The Take Action Tribe.

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