Modern DIY Baby Changing Station

Modern DIY Baby Changing Table Station

Baby is on the way and I’m sure your wish list is jam packed with all the essentials.  One item that tends to be on the pricey side is a baby changing table station.  Rather than adopt a new bulky piece of furniture that will only be used for a short period of time, create your own Modern DIY Baby Changing  Station using furniture you already have or can be used in the future.

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First is to find a great table.  If you already possess a waist high dresser, this is the perfect for this project.  However, if you don’t already own a dresser at an optimal height for changing a baby, you can purchase a new one and reuse it as storage for the baby’s room afterward.

DIY Baby changing station

The benefit of creating a changing station in this manner is to spare you as parents any hassle in the future.  Once baby has outgrown the changing table and is moving on to potty training, a simple switch is all it takes to transform your once baby changing station to a bedroom dresser once more.   No need to fuss with moving or selling a no longer needed piece of furniture.

For this project, we used an old dresser we had around the house.  If you don’t have one to spare, be sure to check your local second hand store, garage sales or furniture warehouses to find one you like for half the price.  If all else, IKEA is a great place to search before heading to the local furnishing store.  Your baby changing station can be personalized to fit your style.

No Limits

There are hundreds of possibilities to achieve the look you want.  It is easy to get into the baby mindset and begin decorating everything baby related.  However, if desired, it’s easy to create a changing station that fits right into the decor of your home.  Considering I work from home, my office is in the living room so that I can be with my kids, as is my baby changing station.  Therefore, I have spruced up these areas to mesh with the rest of the house.

Baby Changing Table

Naturally, you will need a space to lie baby while you change them.  Several options are available to you at a low cost.  Purchase a simple changing pad, or a portable travel bassinet like the one pictured.  To safely secure the bottom of the bassinet feet, attach adhesive grips to each contact point.  This will keep the bassinet in place during changes.

Changing Table How To

The great thing about using a portable bassinet is that when you plan on leaving for an extended outing, fold it up and taking it with you for an easy way to change baby or lie them down for a nap.  This saves you the hassle of lugging around and assembling a play pen.

Baby Changing Station DIY

Easy Access

Once you have your changing area in place, an easy way to keep all he essential items you will need handy, yet not as an eye sore, is to use cute baskets and storage bins.  Search around your local shops to find small baskets that match your home.  A small basket is great for holding a stack of diapers and wipes for quick access.  The bulk of your diapers, creams, wipes, blankets, burp cloths and you name it can be stored out of sight.  Place these items in the dresser drawers or in an inexpensive stacked drawer set next to the dresser.  (I had to use the drawer set because out dresser was filled with crafting materials and other things I have for the kids)

DIY Baby changing station organization


With everything you need close by and hidden away except for what you need on hand, your space is free to add items that compliment your home.  Keep in mind to place items that will not harm the baby.  A sculpture that will not easily tip over or a vase are great as long as the baby cannot grab them.  It is also helpful to keep a toy close by so that baby is occupied as you change them.  My little one likes to barrel roll at every change, so a toy is a must.

DIY Changing Table


There you have it!  A stylish space, for you and baby that didn’t take a ton of work and holds all that you need to keep baby healthy and happy.  I hope this inspires you to create a spectacular space for your baby’s changing station.  A space not only for baby, but also for you.  Share in the comments below what innovative ways you created a baby changing station in your home!

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  1. I love how you have a changing station in your living room. If I could do something over, I think it would have been to add a place to change diapers on each floor of the house. Trekking upstairs is no fun, especially when you have a little covered in poo.

  2. Great ideas! I actually chose to never have a changing station… I would either put a blanket on the floor or bed. I also had a canvas tote that carried a small supply of diapers, wipes, and creams. That made it easy to carry the supplies to wherever I was changing them. Thanks for these great ideas!

    1. That is a great way to go as well! It illuminates the urgency of moving the baby to the station. Simply prep and change them right then and there. Which is especially helpful for those blow out moments.

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