How to Make a Smile Box

How to Make a Smile Box

Everyone enjoys receiving mail!  It’s as though Christmas has come early as you tear into the package just dropped at your doorstep.  When sending a little something to a loved one, we strive to make it special.  Stuffing, wrapping and a card are all elements that go into making a package unique.  Make that special someone really light up when they open a personalized Smile Box.  It’s simple and easy, here is How to Make a Smile Box!

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My mother just bravely overcame her last treatment of chemo and I wanted to create a Smile Box for her to celebrate.  For this box, I focused on fall colors and filled it with items that she can use now that the worst is over.  Keep in mind, the Smile Box has no limits.

A Smile Box can be created for all occasions.  Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Valentines, Mothers day, the list goes on and on with potential possibilities for this project.  Let your creativity come alive!

Find a Box

First off, you will want to locate a box that is of adequate size for the goodies you will stuff inside.  Some post offices provide shipping boxes that you can take home and prepare to ship.  For this example, that is what I have done.  The box imaged is a Large Flat Rate shipping box from the local post office.

smile box

Paint it Pretty

The best way to make a color pop on the flaps of your box is to begin painting each panel with a  black acrylic. The black acts like a primer covering all imperfections of the panels.   The inside of the box I used was covered in black text that I wanted to hide.  Using black is an effective way of concealing the text.  If I had wanted to paint each panel white, beginning with a coat of black makes it much easier to cover the text rather than painting several coats of white.

smile box painting

Once the black layer has dried, you can go over it with a white if you prefer, or any other color you desire.  I like the look of the black background and how it makes my designs pop, so I left it black for this project.

Smile box painting


Once your base color is dry, trace your text and designs onto the panels.  You can really get creative here.  I used acrylics to paint a few fall themed leaves and a sweet message.  However, you can embellish these panels with stamps, stickers, glitter, studs and gems.  There is no limit to how imaginative you can get.  Get the kids involved and let them stamp their hand prints on the panels.  You could then proceed to add a nice note or poem.

smile box panel painting

Smile Box Art

Brave box

Now your box is personalized, painted and beautiful.  I find myself having a hard time waiting for it to dry before I stuff it with all the goodies.  I want to see it all together!  Once all the panels are dry, line the inside of the box with tissue paper or gift crinkle fill.  It’s up to you what you would like to use.  Even a new blanket could be used at a cute lining.

inside a smile box

Stuffing a Smile Box

Fill it with Favors

Next place all your items in the box.  Keep, in mind this will go through shipping, so I try to place the items in a way that they will not shift too much.  Once your goodies are in place, line the top with more tissue and stuffing to ensure everything stays put.

Smile box making

For this smile box, I have stuffed it with items I know my mother will enjoy.  There are lotions and body wash, a new head scarf, nail polish in her favorite shades, a custom cancer necklace, Chamomile tea with mug and a note filled with love.

Ship Smile Box 

Now, close up the box, tape it secure and address it to your loved one.  The smile box is a guarantee way to not only brighten someone’s day but it will make them smile.  That extra special touch really makes a huge impact and will not be forgotten.  What are you waiting for?  Go make one yourself!

Time to send some smiles!

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How to make a Smile Box. Make a package special with this decorating project. Mail a loved one a smile. Click to see how!

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