A Letter To My Children

A letter to My Children
Letter Of Love

This letter is to my children.  An opportunity to express the love I have for them and our family.  I am so grateful to be blessed with such treasures.  Although, not entirely fancy or rich, I find our home and family wealthy with love.  Quite quaint may we be, we still find the joy in it all.

baby feet


But my babies, as for you, there is an invisible force that will forever bind us.  My love for you is that of a blanket that forever and always you will be wrapped in.  For when I first found out you would be apart of our lives, this love blossomed only to grow into the orchard it is today.  Always growing and forever fruitful.  The love I have for you is like no other.

newborn baby

There will be times in your life you will know love.  Love for your family, friends and future mates.  However, the love for your children is that of its own.  For I see in you a piece of me, a piece of your father and yet you are as unique as a pebble in a river bed.  Molded and shaped in a way that is only you.

sleeping baby boy

I find myself gazing at your beautiful features as entertaining as watching a movie unfold.  The way you grow and change is awe-inspiring.  You will become your own person and one day leave my nest, that is a thought difficult to grasp, for you will always be my babies.  Know that no matter which path your lives may take, my love follows.


My sweet little ones, my love for you is eternal, for you are indeed a part of myself.  Forever and always my love will embrace you even when I am away, for you will always be my babies.


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