Affordable Kid Friendly Favors Your Party Needs to be Epic

kid friendly favors your party needs to be epic

Gone are the days of boring party favors.  Your child’s big day is right around the corner and the only thing your party needs is a unique party favor for the kids.  Ditch the old days of goodie bags filled with trinkets and candy and give the kids something unforgettable.  These are Affordable Kid Friendly Favors Your Party Needs to be Epic.

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What Your Party Needs

You search and scavenge for that special something.  Mountains of trinkets and candies are available that can easily be stuffed into a clear sack with a ribbon.  However, you seek and innovative and useful party favor for this spectacular event.  You want to present something unique, yet you don’t want to break your budget.  The solution to your party needs dilemma is simple.

Design and create a custom graphic t-shirt made especially for the occasion that each child can take home. This is an affordable and convenient way to take care of your party favor needs in the comfort of your own home.  No more expeditions from store to store, searching shelves to find the perfect party favor treats to match your party theme.

This party favor is not junk to be tossed needlessly aside after a few days.  Parents will admire your ingenious idea and appreciate that there are not a thousand doodads and knickknacks floating around the back seat of the car on the way home.

Design In Mind

You may ask yourself, “Self, how am I supposed to pull off designing a high-quality graphic shirt without spending a fortune?”  Well my friend, I’m here to tell you can accomplish this project in no time, with no special equipment on a budget.

how to kid friendly favors your party needs

There is no need to be tech savvy to create an unforgettable party favor for your kids.  All the tools you need to design a high quality t-shirt is right at your fingertips.  Your guests will be saying “ooShirts!” once you reveal your stunning creations.

When designing your custom made t-shirts you will be prompted to choose from various styles, colors and graphic art.  Once you have nailed a killer design, you also have the capability to add any text you desire.  Make your shirts wardrobe worthy and avoid applying wordy dates and names.  Instead, create an ooShirt that is related to your party theme and can be worn over and over again.

Look at that ooShirt

To get you brainstorming and give you an idea of where I’m coming from consider you are hosting a child’s dinosaur Birthday party.  Everything is set in place and all the party needs is unique custom made t shirts as guest favors.  Rather than plaster, “Ken’s 5th Birthday” across the front, get creative!

Choose a layout related to the theme.  Search for an image and a small quote or phrase to compliment it.  Make it appropriate and wardrobe worthy.  Below is an ooShirt created for a Dinosaur themed party using the ooShirt easy to use design tools.  I simple chose a style, color, searched the clip art gallery provided and added my own text.  BAM! An adorable shirt for the kids!

party favor your party needs ooshirts

There is no limit to your brilliant graphic t-shirt design needs.   Design custom made t-shirts for family events, represent your favorite sports team or style a shirt for yourself.  While these are fantastic gifts kids will actually want, adults find them crave worthy too.

A Budget-worthy Buy

This must have kid friendly favor takes less than five minutes to whip up.  No joke.  We all need more time in the day.   This is a one stop shop offering all you need in one place.  When you purchase your custom made t-shirts in bulk you save moo-la too, plus free shipping.   Not only is a high-quality graphic t-shirt a great keepsake for the occasion, its affordable.

kid friendly favors your party needs

Now, what are you waiting for?!  Choose from numerous design options available and experiment with placement, text pairing and color combinations until your satisfied with your custom made creation.  Get wild and have fun exploring the options and coupling different elements to highlight effects and text.  This is a fun way to accomplish your kid friendly party needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Life is busy as is.  Therefore, give yourself and your schedule some breathing room and hook up those party goers with a new ensemble.  The kids will light up when they receive their unforgettable party favor.  Catching a glimpse of a party goer during drop off wearing your custom designs will be satisfying as well.  This is not just any party favor, this is one that lives on.

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  1. This is such a clever idea! I’ve started not handing out favors only because really what child (or their parents) needs more trinkets?!? But I love this!! So smart!

    1. Prices will vary from one shirt to another. However, for a basic white t-shirt with clip art and custom text to the font would cost approx $4.51 for youth shirts and $4.61 for an adult shirt for a bundle of 24! Check them out and play around with there templates. You can choose from several shirt styles, colors, custom graphics, add your own personalized text, or your own image or logo.

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