Fantastic FREE Educational Printable Resource for Preschoolers

Fantastic Free Printables for Preschoolers

Having multiple resources to educate your children is priceless.  I have a weakness for printables.  I love them.  Any new worksheet I can present my children to spark their interest and incorporate education is right up my alley. This past week I was presented with a Fantastic FREE Educational Printable Resource for Preschoolers that I am so excited to share with you!

Recently I was introduced to The Little Bunny Series.  Hundreds of FREE printables are available covering multiple educational topics geared toward Preschoolers.   The printables coincide with the Little Bunny series eBooks also available on the site.  I urge you to check out this invaluable resource and take advantage of these great teaching tools.

free printable for preschoolers

The printables are accompanied by assembly directions and cover a wide range of learning tools.  Each printable is unique as well as inviting to little minds.  The appealing imagery and simple set up make these teaching tools so valuable to us parents who strive to provide our children with new exciting ways to learn and grow.

Preschool Educational Resources are presented below!

Free Preschool Printable Educational Resources

ABC & 123 Coloring Pages and More

The coloring pages available cover the entire alphabet and include art featuring the letter of focus for each page along with a portion for writing skills.  Not only do the color pages cover the alphabet, there are pages covering number 1 through 20, Days of the Week and more!

3 in 1 Printables

These are cute coloring pages that include writing skills. After coloring the pages, you can then cut the sheets along the dotted lines to make a matching game.  Or, cut on the horizontal line only, glue the pages together and bind into a sweet little book.

preschool printables free

Seek and Finds

Children love a good challenge.  These Seek and Find pages cover an array of topics.  Subjects covered are the alphabet, numbers, Seasons, activity themes and more.  These printables are some of my favorites for the kids! Not only do they enjoy them, but I do as well.


Some children are hesitant to learn the schematics of reading.  Phonetics can be intimidating.  Therefore, making it a fun and educational process is so rewarding.  These hands on Phonograms are a great way to get your kids to engage in reading development.  They are able to color the pages and physically are able to manipulate the page as they learn the sounds.  Integrating the use of sight, sound and touch, a child will be more stimulated and more likely to absorb the new information presented.

free preschool printables

Name Tags and Other Printables 

The list goes on as to what is available as educational tools on this site.  Mazes, Murals and more are all at your fingertips!  I hope that your use this wonderful resource in your educational adventures and share with others.  Let me know how you found these useful in the comments below!
Fantastic Free Printables for Preschoolers. Click to print now

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