How to Minimize Toy Clutter Time

how to minimize toy clutter time

Children are the nightmare of a clean and neat home.  We love them, every bit of them.  However, their toys are spread everywhere and you feel to de-clutter them all is a mission impossible. The moment you clean up one pile of toys, others are already out, ready to play. The likelihood of your feet meeting some toys thrown on the floor is getting higher and higher as you are unable to keep up with your kid’s energy for play. Unless you want your house to look like a toy factory, stop battling the clutter and read this article, which will provide you with practical tips of How to Minimize Toy Clutter Time.

Guest post written by the Lovely Demi Giles

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The first thing you can do is to make different boxes or baskets for the toys, rather than have one large toy box. Sort out the toys which your children like the most and place in easy to access containers so that your child can find the toy which he/she wants easily.  This will reduce the mess of your kids throwing toys all over the house while looking for one particular toy, which will be of course for your luck, the last one on the bottom. Save yourself this unwanted experience and try this solution.

Tidy the Troublesome

Secondly, get rid of all the broken or dangerous toys. Your kids won’t play with them, so there is no need to turn your home into a bric-a-brac storehouse. You may be surprised to hear that kids don’t need all those toys. They need only the ones which they like. You will notice which are the most “used” and the others may go directly to the basement or you can donate them.

toy clutter time

Thirdly, make life easy for you by limiting the access your children have to the toys. Make it so that your kid’s will play with only a couple of toys that you allow them to have.  This will keep the clutter to a minimum.  CleanStartCleaning SW16 guarantees this will ensure you less de-clutter time (still some, but at least not all of the toys). Keep in mind that you are in charge of the toys.  Allow your children to play only with the toys you provide them access to.

Get rid of all the small toys, like those from chocolate eggs. They consist of a lot of particles, are easily torn into pieces and are of poor quality. Usually, these toys are small and if you keep them, you can find million of them in the most wonderful places all around the house. Moreover, the small details of these toys can easily go into the mouth of your child and present a choking hazard.

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Keep it Interesting

It is a clever idea to rotate the toys your kid’s play with. Usually, children lose their interest in a particular toy very fast. By sorting out the toys in different boxes or baskets, you can provide them with diversity every day by changing the box. Of course, if it comes to the favorite plush toy or any other favorite toy of your child’s, forget about taking it from him/her. That is just impossible.

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Learn to say “no” to your child. This will be beneficial to your budget, you and will teach your kid’s limitations. You don’t need to buy all the useless toys, because we all know the way kids are; they want everything in their sight.  You give in, buy it and after a couple of hours of play it will be either broken or forgotten somewhere. Here the rule is “the lesser, the better”.

If you think that all those toys are taking over the space of your home.  Now is the time to consider some basic de-cluttering. Use the tips provided in this article. This will spare your time and efforts, while your kid’s will still be happily playing with his/her toys. Of course you can’t escape the decluttering of the toys, but at least you can spend less time doing it. Moreover, you can be sure that at the end of the day, you won’t step on some toy lying on the floor and break your neck.

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