20 Healthy Dinner Ideas That You Can Make in 15 Minutes

healthy dinner ideas in 15 minutes

As a busy mom, you value any idea that saves time and benefits your family.  When dinner time rolls around, you may find yourself unmotivated to prepare a gourmet meal.  Rather than order in, arm yourself with these 20 Healthy Dinner Ideas That You Can Make in 15 Minutes provided by the lovely Marianne Schwartz of The Fit System.

»This is a guest post by: Marianne Schwartz, founder of The Fit System« 

15 minute meals for busy family

Eating healthy is getting more and more important now. However, the only problem is that we don’t have any time to prepare a decent meal.

This is the main reason for us to make use of microwave meals, fast food meals and other 2-minute packages.

This is actually quite easy to do and especially when you have your own family to maintain of and still need to do tons of work.


This I unfortunately experienced myself.


While I was busy with other stuff and getting all these kinds of junk food inside of me, I also very often took a coke or a soda along the food I ate, for the sake of it.




It just felt good to me. It seemed like a good combination to me. Fast-food and Soda.


The reasons?


I was busy and I had tons of stuff to do, so I couldn’t go to work out and I didn’t cook at all at home.


Because cooking is so dreadful when you don’t have any time, you need to do the groceries, prepare the food, cook and do the dishes.


After a while I felt that my mood fluctuated a lot and also that my energy was weak at some moments and high right after eating.


So that was the moment I decided this all had to change.


I was eager to find a solution and implement a new style of cooking. One that is very healthy and yet very easy to make.

These recipes literally changed my life.


In this list you will find the recipes that I cook daily and love to eat and serve for my family. It will fit in your daily busy schedule and will make your home lively again when you see your family members and friends enjoy the food.


20 Healthy Dinner Ideas That You Can Make in 15 Minutes

The recipes vary from Mexican food to dishes from Europe and Asia. New recipes and new ingredients will give your cooking style a new flare and besides you will also taste a lot of new dishes! You can read all the 20 recipes here, with ingredients list and step-by-step guide.

» A big thank you to Marianne Schwartz for providing this guest post «

Marianne Schwartz is the founder of TheFitSystem.com, a blog dedicated to provide honest health & life hacks advice and information. She aspires to help her readers to get the maximum out of their life and nutrition. Check out http://www.thefitsystem.com to learn more about healthy living.

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