Fun Alphabet Education, the letter B

Fun Alphabet Education, the letter B

What better way to convey the letter “B” than a trip to the beach!  Watching the crashing waves, squishing sand between your toes and the feel of a warm ocean breeze is enticing.  Soaking up some sun with a few added laughs makes for a wonderful outing and a great way to start an educational experience.  This is the setting for this Fun Alphabet Education, the letter “B”.

Alphabet Education Beach

Wonders of The Water

Many adventures are to be had along the sandy shores.   Incorporating a little learning and fun makes for a positive and engaging experience.  Walking and splashing aside the tide, our family began our jaunt gathered several seashells and spotting ocean wildlife.  We sighted many birds, fish, dolphins and crabs throughout the day.   As the tide came in, we headed up shore to count all the shells we collected.  This set the stage for a mini math lesson.

Alphabet Education Beach Trip

Seashell Subtraction

The visual of the shells assists in understanding quantities.  For instance, one row had a total of ten shells, when two were taken away I asked how many shells remained in the row.  Now, little one would count eight, and then would be asked again how many it would take to make ten again.  Seeing two would be needed, it’s established that eight plus two equals ten.  You can then continue to take away differing quantities of shells to further show different equations.

Fun Alphabet Education

I Spy with My Little Eye

As the seashells are tossed aside and counting is no longer interesting, we head back to nature for a quick game of I Spy.  Searching our surroundings, we spot several objects and animals to take part in our little game.  I Spy something white.  A seagull sits atop a post.  I spy something blue.  The big blue sky above!

Fun Alphabet Printable

B is for BEACH

The rest of the day is spent splashing in the surf giggling away. Once we return home from the beach-side fun, it’s time to fill out our letter “B” worksheet.  The little one practices writing and completes the few games on the sheet.  Have your little ones join the fun with this B is for Beach printable worksheet.

Download and print the worksheet below for FREE!

B is for Beach Printable

Have a great day at the beach and be sure to share your stories in the comments below!

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Fun Alphabet Education, the Letter A

Fun Alphabet Education, the letter B.  Free printable activity inside. Click now.

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