Fun Alphabet Education, the Letter A

Fun Alphabet Education the letter A

For this educational adventure we took a trip to Hot Springs, AR to visit Nana and Pawpaw.  During our stay we ventured to the Alligator Farm which proved to be a great setting to kick off this Fun Alphabet Education, the Letter A.  The farm is a popular attraction for both tourists and the locals. There never seemed to be a moment that the place was empty.

A for Alligator Farm

Alligator Farm

The facility is very well kept and all the animals are very well cared for.  I enjoyed the fact that all the animals were truly thriving and happy rather than just kept alive.  The caretakers are extremely hands on with the animals.  Even so much so, that the owner showed the guest how he plays with the cougar they have on the farm.  The cougar expressed sincere love for the caretaker, nestling her head into him and licking his hands.  It was beautiful.

Letter A Activity

Immediately I understood why the attraction was so popular.  The hands on workers, friendly staff and interactive opportunities for visitors made this trip quite thrilling.  Little man was allowed to feed the goats, ostrich, donkey and deer.  There was also a building decorated floor to ceiling with fun facts and information that held in the center a pool of baby gators that guest’s could feed.

Alphabet Education Alligator

The keeper let my little one feed the active baby gators and gave him the opportunity to pet one as well.  He was not too eager to touch one of the reptilian creatures, but the prospect was still appreciated.  Outside in the main area of the farm, the alligators had two lounge ponds where they all lethargically soaked up the sun.  They are familiar with their owners and when the keeper called to them, they would lazily come to the where he stood.   It was astounding.  I had never thought of an alligator to be called for and actually respond.

Alphabet Education letter A

Wonders of the Wild

Near the front entrance sits a large stone pool that upon first glance looks to be a fountain, but is home to the largest long neck snapping turtles I have ever seen.  They would probably snap your entire arm off if given the chance.  These guys were massive, at least 3 feet long.  Lined on the outskirts of the alligator lounge areas were the habitats of a wolf couple, the cougar madam, lemurs, peacocks, roosters and a few others.  The set up was easy to walk through and enjoyable.

Letter A Worksheet Activity

At the end of most attractions, parents dread the gift shop.  However, here this was not so.  The shop displayed quality, unique items throughout.  It is a tour itself just to walk through the gift shop and view all the odds and wonders it beholds. Overall, our experience was very pleasant and the farm was awesome.  I highly recommend that if you’re ever in Hot Springs, AR to take a trip to the Alligator Farm.  You won’t regret it. Upon completing our tour of the fantastic farm, I presented my little one with a letter “A” worksheet to complete.  This is a simple sheet to practice writing the letter “A”.  Also included are a few small games to make for a fun activity.  You can download and print the worksheet below for FREE!  Enjoy and have fun educating your little one of the letter “A”.

A is for Alligator Education Printable

A is for Alligator Education Printable



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Alphabet Education Letter A. Free educational printable inside. Click now!

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