Girls Guide To Fishing

Girls Guide to Fishing

Alright ladies, it’s time to put our big girl pants on and go fishing!  This activity is not just for the boys, us ladies can fish too.  Not only can we fish, we can do it well.  Now, let’s load that beautiful brain up with some basic knowledge of the ins and outs of fishing so that we don’t tangle our lines and snag every branch.  This fishing guide should give you all the essential information you need to fish like a semi-pro.

Get Stoked about Fishing

Fishing can really open your mind up in terms of other outdoor activities.  It is surprising how many places are available to fish all around you.  There is never a dull moment if you have a rod in the trunk of your car, just search around for the nearest body of water and see if you can get a nibble on the line. Embracing the idea of fishing can be overlooked by some ladies.  I want to inspire you to really try and get involved in the process.  Fishing is a way to really connect to nature. Not only will fishing become a relaxing activity for you,but getting your family involved in the process is even more elating.

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If you have children, fishing is an opportunity to teach them about patience, the circle of life and respecting nature.  It is not difficult to get your kids into the fishing craze, I give you all you need to gracefully guide your child and get them to love fishing too.  Read more about this in this post, “How to teach your Toddler to Fish”.

Are you still not stoked about fishing?  Think of it as an opportunity to bring you and your spouse together as well.  Most men enjoy fishing.  Here is a little secret, they also love women who love fishing too.  I understand the “men’s day out” trips, but your hubby would be thrilled if you suggested a fishing trip together.  Give it a try and see if his eyes glimmer with delight!

Let’s Talk Equipment

No need to start the day off clueless.  Let’s go over a few things that will come in handy on this venture.  Two main components are the rod and reel.  Yes, they are separate pieces, but you may hear people refer to the entire set up simply as “That’s my rod” or “Hand me my reel”.  This is interchangeable fishing slang, if you will.

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Fishing Rod and Reels

Clearly you will need a fishing rod and reel.  There are several brands, types and styles of rod and reels out there, but don’t get overwhelmed.   There are three main types of reels for your rod.  A Baitcaster reel, Spincast reel and a Spinning reel.  If you have never fished before, start with a Spincast reel, it’s a great teaching tool.   I personally enjoy my Spinning reel, however it may take some getting used to, so start easy.

how to fish guide

Local outdoor or sporting good stores usually keep all these types of rods and reels fully assembled for purchase.  All you need to do is pick one out.  Don’t worry about brand names.  You can look more into that when you get more serious about fishing.  Simply pick out a decently priced rod with a Spincast reel and line already assembled.  They have some cute ones out there in pink, purple, green and more.  Seek out one that fits your fancy.  Choose a rod and reel that is assembled with a 6 lbs. test line to start.

Whoa! What!?  What does that mean?!  Calm down, sweetie.  It’s not as technical as it sounds.  A 6 lbs. test line means that the line strung on the rod and reel is equipped to catch a fish up to approximately six pounds before the line snaps and breaks.  It is possible to can catch a larger fish on a 6 lbs. test, it is just a basic set up.

fishing rods


Now you have your rod set up, fantastic!  Bait will be next.  Live bait is something I think everyone should get used to.  Its fool proof, it works and is easy to find.  Hey, girlie!  Don’t run off just yet!  It’s not that gross.  Honestly, if it turns your tummies that much, have your man bait it for you.

There is a vast amount of bait out there, not only live but lures and artificial bait too.  I would hold off on experimenting with lures until you get the schematics down first.  Live bait can be found at the sporting goods store in the fishing section, a bait shop, or you can find it yourself in the backyard.  A few types of bait to choose from are worms, crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms, even diced raw chicken to name a few.

It’s the circle of life, girl.  Don’t get soft on me now.  If live bait is really not something you can handle, look into types of artificial soft baits.  The only downside to this route is picking something that gets you a bite.  Every fisherman has their favorite bait.  Ask locals what the fish are biting to narrow down what you should purchase.

fishing gear

Yes, that old guy off the side of road fishing the lake knows what he is doing.  Don’t be afraid to ask what is biting and what he uses.  Fishermen are usually very open to revealing what works or what type of baits they are using.  If you see someone down the way catching fish like crazy, go ahead and ask him what bait he’s using.


Next on the list is a tackle box.  It’s best to have a box filled with extras just in case something goes amiss or a line is snagged and cannot be freed.  Stock your tackle box with extra hooks, bobbers, extra fishing line, weights, scissors and foresepts.  Many Sporting goods stores sell tackle boxes already stocked with these essentials.

For this trip use a bobber to start.  They are easy to locate when cast and make catching a fish easier than learning the difference between a tangle of grass along the bottom of the pond and a true fish bite.  When using a bobber, all you need to focus on is watching it until it goes down, easy enough.

Girl’s Guide to Fishing 101

Well done, you have all you need to start out on your fishing journey, time to get our hands dirty and learn a few basic skills to keep things in order.  Learning a basic fishing knot will come in handy when your cast doesn’t go quite as planned.  There may be times that your line is not going to untangle or come free.  The only other option is to cut it.

guide to fishing

Once it’s cut, you will need to restring your line with a new bobber, weight and hook.  This is much easier than it sounds.

how to fish


Casting is a learned skill.  Some people never get it down. Others excel at a wicked fast pace.  Everyone is different and that is OK. There are two basic of casting styles.  A side arm cast and an overhead cast.  A good one to start off with is a side arm cast.  This makes it a bit easier to see where your bait is going.  Below is a short demonstrating these casting styles.  This should give you a good idea of how to attempt a good cast.

Casting How To

Practice makes perfect.  Don’t give up if you don’t succeed right away.  Casting will become easier the more you do it.  Soon it will be like second nature, just give it a chance and yourself some time to learn.  Your line is out in the water, now what?

Catch that Fish!

Your bobber should be floating in the water and visible.  Keep an eye on it.  Fish can be sneaky.  If you see your bobber move, wait to reel in.  Give the fish a chance to really go after it.  Fish usually give the bait a test nibble first and if they like what they taste they will go after it.  Once your bobber is pulled under the water, the fish has the bait.

Give your rod a quick jerk to set the hook so that you don’t lose your fish.  If the fish just picked it up in its mouth, the hook will simply slip out when you reel in.  By jerking the rod quickly upon the first bite, the hook will set in the fish’s lip assuring you will reel it in.

Congratulations! You have caught a fish!  Once the fish is reeled in, carefully grab a hold of the fishes lip. Be sure your foresepts are nearby once you have the fish in.  You will then use the foresepts to safely remove the hook from the fish’s lip.  Once the hook is out, you’re done!

Snap some pictures and capture the moment.  Try not to keep the fish out of the water for too terribly long.  When reintroducing your fish back into the water, you will want to guide them forward to ensure water enters their gills. Gently place the fish into the water, and guide it forward until the fish swims off.

Slow and Steady

I really want you to enjoy your fishing experience.  It’s not a race to catch the fish and they are everywhere. Trial and error is the name of the game when fishing.  There will be some great casts and some utterly awful ones.  It’s all a part of the fun.  The same goes for seeking out a great fishing spot.  Some days will be fruitful with catches others will be empty handed.  Soak up the fresh air and just enjoy yourself.

Where you fish will determine how you should pack it up.  If you are fishing in freshwater, your equipment will not need as much attention as that of salt water fishing.  If you happen to head to the salt water bay, be sure to thoroughly rinse your rod and reel once you are finished.  The salt in the water will corrode your reel making it difficult or near impossible to operate.

We are ladies, lets fish like it!  It’s a great time to catch some rays.  I wouldn’t recommend you expose yourself to the sun all day, but it is a great time to catch a little glow.  Also, this is a great time to bond with your family and get some fresh air.  It’s a peaceful time away from the hustle as bustle of busy days.  Snap some great pictures.  Fishing is a great time to capture some memories with loved ones.  Just let go!  Have fun and fish like a girl!

Share your fishing experiences in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you!


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girl guide to fishing
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  1. I love fishing and my family does to. I even go on fishing trips by myself. A girl alone on the lake, just her fishing pole and her puppy. If someone really gets icked out by live bait just about anything will work for the set up you mention. Hot dogs, raw chicken, bread rolled into a ball, what ever you can get on the hook. If it is a bit oily, so much the better.
    My family and I went fishing and camping on the Chesapeake Bay one year. The kids and I got there first and grabbed a pizza on the way in so we didn’t have to worry about food before we got set up. My husband was meeting us there and he was running a little late, and he had the worms! The kids started taking the sausage off their pizza to use for bait. Worked like a charm, they caught fish, crabs and eels before my husband showed up with the live bait.
    Great post 🙂

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