Delightful and Easy Snowman Winter Craft for Kids

rock snowman winter craft for kids

DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!!!???!!!  Oh, I couldn’t resist a little Frozen melody for this winter craft idea.  It’s time to get in touch with your wild side and take this winter craft idea outdoors.  This project presents a perfect opportunity to get the kids outside and seek out materials.  Pull on your boots and bundle up.  For today is a great day to assemble a Delightful and Easy Snowman Winter Craft for Kids.

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Gather The Goods

A project such as this requires little effort to achieve.  No special trips to the exotic crafting store.  The best part is, the main component to creating these delightful snowmen are rocks!  I love rocks.  Any excuse to encourage the kids to get outdoors is alright by me.  Below are all the goods you will need to pull off this cute winter craft.

  • hot glue gun
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • black and orange markers

cute snowman rock winter craft

Let it Snow

Before assembling your rock snowman, let’s paint those stones with winter, white snow.  This is a perfect opportunity to get the little’s involved.  Allow them to paint the stones how they please.  The application does not have to be perfect.  A few bare spots make for a neat effect once this winter craft is assembled.  Get creative and use different application techniques such as sponges or finger painting.  No matter how you decide to paint your snowman, this craft is quite charming once put together.

delightful rock snowman winter craft

Allow the painted rocks to dry completely.  Once the paint is set, you are able to hot glue the rocks into their snowman form.  Begin with  the largest rock on bottom and glue the remaining rocks on top to achieve the snowman shape.

cute winter craft

Snowman Steady

To create a sturdy base an assure that this winter rock snowman remained standing.  Using the hot glue gun, secure the three tier rock snowman to a wood slice.  This acts as a stabilizing anchor for the rocks to sit on and adds a delightful accent to this winter craft.  This step is optional.  However, if you find that your rock snowman is struggling to stay upright, this solution is easy to accomplish.  Get in touch with your inner lumberjack and head out back to slice some stumps.

cute winter craft idea

Button Up

Although, this little snowman is pretty good looking as is, lets add a bit of character to set it off.  This next step is easy for younger children.  Be sure to invite them to help with the embellishing process.  Using a sheet of small sticky felt slide protectors, have your child apply these small circles to the rock snowman torso as buttons.  The reasoning behind the use of slide protectors is the adhesive is strong enough to adhere securely to the rocks.  In addition to the adhesive capabilities, the felt gives the snowman a cozy feel.  However, painting or drawing on these embellishments is just fine too.

cute winter snowman craft

Considering this is a winter craft, you wouldn’t want your snowman to catch a chill.  Therefore, you will need to craft some snug winter gear.  Cut a strip of felt in the color of your choice to be transformed into the snowman’s scarf.  No rock is the same.  With this in mind, be sure to measure the girth of your snowman’s neck and size the length of the scarf as needed.  Once your strip is measured and cut, fringe each end of the strip.

cute rock snowman winter craft

Snug and Warm

Wrap your handmade scarf around the snowman and secure using the hot glue gun.  How snug and comfy does that little guy look?

snowman winter craft for kids

All that remains to be done is give that adorable little guy a face.  Using paint or permanent markers, scribble on a few dots for eyes and a little carrot nose.  You have done it!  A cute and delightful snowman winter craft created by you!  These rock snowmen are easy to achieve and do not require a ton of materials to assemble.  I could just imagine how impressive these snowmen would be scattered about the house or yard.

snowman winter craft idea

How did your rock snowman assembly go?  What components did you tweak to make it your own?  I want to hear about your crafty creations below!  Comment and let me know all about your delightful winter craft projects!

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Delightful and Easy Snowman Winter Craft for Kids- Simple winter craft for preschoolers and kids. Easy rock snowman winter craft that requires minimal effort to assemble. This adorable rock snowman is stunning as a homemade gift or decor. Pin now and craft later!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is SO cute!! I am so happy I came across this craft! <3 Can't wait to complete this! (Going to the store now haha) – Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a super cute craft! I can’t wait to do this with my 2.5 yr old. He’s going to love it. And we can sing “Do you want to build a snowman” while we craft away. It’s going to be so much fun! Perhaps we will make a family set so I can better explain baby#2 coming in July.
    Great post!

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