Uses and Miracles of Coconut Oil

Uses and Miracles of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become very popular over the years and for good reason.  The benefits of coconut oil are plenty.  Here is a list of Uses and Miracles of Coconut Oil that I have utilized in my home.  There are still hundreds more ways to use coconut oil in your everyday life, these are only a few.  You may have heard of some and others you may have not, either way I hope this list may come in handy one day!

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Treat Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is technically a fungal infection. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties and is an effective way to treat cradle cap without using harsh irritants on your baby.  The oil retains moisture on baby’s dry flaking scalp while it heals.  A win, win!  Massage the oil onto baby’s scalp and let stand for about 15 to 20 minutes.

coconut oil miracles


Afterwards, rinse or wipe the oil away with arm water and use a fine tooth comb to brush out loose flakes.  To make this remedy even more effective, use the coconut oil treatment following a baking soda scrub.  Mix baking soda and water into a thick paste, gently exfoliate the infected area and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.   Rinse and follow up with the coconut oil.  This is an extremely successful remedy and all natural!

Treat Lice

No one wants to get lice.  No parent wants to fathom their children having lice.  Unfortunately, sometimes it just happens.  Really there is no set place, time, or situation that it may occur, but when it does.  It’s best to be prepared.  First off, don’t go snip all your hair off, not necessary.  Use this simple remedy to be rid of those nasty things.

Soak the entire scalp and hair in apple cider vinegar and let set for 20 minutes.  Rinse and comb through with a comb specifically made to remove lice and eggs.  Next, coat the scalp and hair from root to tip in coconut oil.  Put on a shower cap and leave in overnight.  In the morning, rinse and comb through once more.   The lice should be a thing of the past.  If desired, repeat these steps to ensure all lice is removed.

Diaper Rash and More

Babies have such sensitive skin.  Using coconut oil is a great way to treat diaper rash without the use of harsh chemicals.  The oil soothes the skin, nourishes and moisturizes as well as prevents further irritation.  Not only is the oil a great way to treat diaper rash, but due to its anti-fungal properties it can be used to treat yeast infections too.

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Yes, babies can get yeast infections.   It’s not just a lady problem.   Our bodies naturally have yeast in them.  Yeast infections can arise in the form of a red spotty rash.  This can spread all over so it’s best to treat it quickly to avoid any further pain.  Lather up in coconut oil to soothe the skin, heal the infection and kill off the beastly yeast!

Eye Make-up Remover

Waterproof mascara won’t hold up to this miracle make-up remover.  Coconut oil coated on a cotton ball will take off eye makeup, including waterproof mascara with ease.  The oil does not irritate your eyes like other over the counter removers and is beneficial to the sensitive skin around the eye.  Can you say anti-wrinkle anyone?

Tanning with Coconut Oil

Ditch those store bought tanning concoctions and opt for a more natural choice.  Replacing your tanning oil with Coconut oil is an easy way to take advantage of all its natural benefits and still get your golden glow.  Coconut oil nourishes the skin, reduces cellulite and prevents stretch marks.   Why not just dip yourself in the stuff.

coconut oil for skin

Hair Frizz

Let your hair hang without the stress of frizzy locks when you apply coconut oil.  Place a small bit in the palm of your hands until melted down and apply to your hair.  Start with a very little amount to avoid a greasy look and apply more if needed.  The oil helps moisturize your dehydrated hair and prevents split ends.


uses and miracle of coconut oil for hair

Coconut Oil and Breastfeeding

Use coconut oil on nipples to prevent drying and cracking.  The oil is beneficial to the mother as well as to baby.  The oil will not harm the baby while nursing.  Due to coconut oils anti-fungal properties it also prevents the occurrence of thrush while breastfeeding.

Coconut oil uses and breastfeeding

Consuming coconut oil is also a way to encourage breast milk production.  Take a spoonful before each meal to increase milk flow and aid the body. Read about other breastfeeding hacks in, Quick Tips for Breastfeeding.

Remove gum from hair

Have your children been arguing and suddenly one becomes fed up and sticks their gum in the others hair.  It happens.  Rather than running for the scissors, use coconut oil to loosen and slide the gum out.  It may take some patience, but it beats chopping off those locks.

Coconut Oil in your Diet

Coconut oil uses daily before meals brings forth many benefits.  Taking a teaspoon of coconut oil before each meal not only increases healthy cholesterol in your body (HDL) but also lowers (LDL)  unhealthy cholesterol.  Coconut oil acts as an appetite suppressant reducing cravings.  It also boosts your immune system, helps fight cancer and improves memory function.  You can easily incorporate coconut oil into your everyday meals by using it as an alternative to butter and other oils.

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Tip: When purchasing coconut oil, be sure to seek out an extra virgin, unrefined brand.  This type of oil has experienced the least amount of processing and best for your body.

Also, be sure to let coconut oil melt naturally and not in the microwave or on the stove unless using for baking.  Coconut oil loses its beneficial properties when melted this way.  To soften, heat a large bowl of water and dip a smaller bowl containing the oil into the larger until melted.

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Miracles and uses of coconut oil. Coconut oil remedies for family and baby. Click to read how!

Miracles and uses of coconut oil. Coconut oil remedies for family and baby. Click to read how!

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  1. Having Indian roots, coconut oil has been a way of our life since childhood – starting from cooking to using it as a moisturizer. I’m happy that, coconut oil has taken the world by storm.

  2. I really need to get on the wagon with this one, especially for my little boys’ bottoms. They always seem to have some sort of rash even when I seem to baby their skin. Adding it to my grocery list now, thanks!

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