Co-Sleeping To Crib Mini Course DAY 4

How have you progressed in this Co-sleeping to Crib period? Some mothers find themselves struggling with baby sleeping through the night. There little one wakes often and momma is TIRED!

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several elements that may be affecting your little ones slumber. Today we will address a few common issues regarding your baby’s sleeping comfort and how to remedy them.

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co-sleeping to crib course 4

Cozy the Crib

Is the crib in a adequate place? Often, crib placement may be why your baby is not sleeping well. Oddly shoved in a corner or placed in a room surrounded by too much “stuff” may be the culprit. Look around the room and search for ways to make the room appear open.

You want the room spacious and organized. If not already, move the crib to a wall furthest or further from the door. Baby may be waking from outside noises. With the crib for from the door and a sound machine placed in a position near the door to drown out sounds, baby can rest comfortably.

co-sleeping to crib tips

Their Sniffer

Lets look at the weather. If its cold out and the heat is on, the house tends to be a bit dry. Your baby may be sleeping restlessly due to the dry air which may irritate their sinuses. Consider investing in a humidifier to moisten the air so baby can breathe. We surprised our boys with an R2D2 Humidifier and they love it to this day. It keeps them healthy and matches their bedroom.

This one adjustment can make a huge impact considering your baby’s comfort. Some humidifiers also have essential oil diffusers you can use to infuse a tough of lavender to promote good rest.

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Rumbly Tummy

If your baby is waking often, they may be hungry. Asses their feeding schedule and determine if you need to set your alarm to provide a sleep feeding. A sleep feeding is when you feed your baby while they are still half asleep. Don’t worry about burping them after. Feed them and leave.

When babies sleep feed, they are relaxed and less likely to swallow air. If you feel the need to help let some belly bubbles out, lie baby on their side and give their back a pat.

Check the Temp

Is the room too cold or warm? Having a thermostat of some kind may be helpful when solving your babies sleep problems. Most baby monitors have a thermostat built in. Check it often to see if the temperature shifts as the night unfolds. If the room is too cold, add a space heater to the room in order to keep it nice and warm.

Remember, your not in bed with them. They miss that body heat. Therefore, when it gets cold, they don’t have you to snuggle up to. Keeping the room warm will ensure they are toasty and cozy.

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Confidence is key. Babies are hyper sensitive. When you are unsettled and nervous, your baby picks up on that. If you are calm and confident, so is your baby. As your baby settles into their own crib, they will only accept it when you do too. If they sense your uncertain, then its only natural they will reject the idea too.

Build confidence in your baby by emanating that same confidence. This crib IS a safe place. This decision IS a good one. Your baby IS going to be OK. These thoughts should be running reels in your head when introducing your baby to crib.

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Taking the time and care to consider these key elements in transitioning from co-sleeping to the crib, your little one should grasp the concept quickly. Good luck momma and sweet dreams.



P.S. Did you find this mini course resourceful in your co-sleeping to crib change? What elements did you find most useful and what tactics didn’t quite work out? I want to hear your stories! Hit reply and tell me your thoughts.








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