A Child’s Point of View

Children have such a vivid imagination accompanied by an obscure view of the way the world works.  Lackadaisical, our kids go about each day absorbing what new information they can, therefore, expanding their knowledge.  There is whimsy in childhood.  However, there is also the struggle of total dependence.  Have you ever stopped to consider A Child’s Point of View?

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I Cant Adult Today

We are adults.  We are now wired in a way that we light up with glee when cabinet knobs are on sale.  A child on the other hand, could care less about cabinetry or parts associated with it.  I’m not sure when exactly we cross over into the mindset of adulthood.  When exactly is it that we hang our pirate hats and no longer return to Neverland?

A child point of view

Honestly, I cannot recall the day that suddenly I was stoked to go to the hardware store.  However, I can recall as a child, dreading the trips to pick a new bathroom door with my parents in yester year.  We get older, snap out of La-La Land and are awakened this new being of responsibility and goals.  Oh, how I miss the days of when my ultimate goal was to pretend to be Pocahontas and climb a tree.  Alas, we grow up.

A Child’s Point of View

Now, here are your precious offspring.  They are still absorbed in the dream and wonder that is childhood and see the world a little differently than we do. Therefore, let’s put ourselves in their shoes.  Seriously, think about how they are experiencing a situation.  First of all, the parents are the all powerful.  Parents have and provide everything.  For this reason, you are the one your kids want to be around.

how a child views life

When you find yourself in a moment of silent bliss, sipping your tea in peace, only then to be awakened by the shrieks of, “Mom!”  It’s simply because your children really do need you.  You are their go-to for all answers and support.  You are the 911 in their little world.  That is until they figure out the phone and how cool police men are.   Yes, my child has dialed 911 just to say hello to the police officer.

That little person is not only dependent on you the parent, they are also in a sense, broke.  They do not possess a job or receive a paycheck.  Therefore, all items that come into their possession are like the Holy Grail.  When they drop a Lollipop and it falls through a rain grate, they basically FLIP OUT.  Let’s think about this for a second.

child's perspective

In our adult brains we think, “Oh there are about a billion more Lollipops on this planet.  We can get a new Lollipop.”  Little one doesn’t see it this way.  To them, that was the ONLY Lollipop they would ever receive in their entire life.  Let’s imagine you drop your car keys through that rain grate.  Uh huh, same kind of panic, only that’s how your small one feels.  You don’t want any car keys, you want those car keys.   Well, your child also wants THAT Lollipop, just to put it into perspective.

Seeking Wonderland

It’s easy to forget how our minds functioned at that age.  It was so long ago.  I wish so much that I could have a fraction of that childlike magic back.  Such busy lives we lead as parents.  We work vigorously to provide for our family and give our kids everything they need.  In all that chaos, there are times we overlook the lighthearted nature that is childhood.

What brought on all these childish thoughts was an adorable movie that recently came out based on the book called The Little Prince.  It focused on a single mom who worked hard to provide the best life, education and path of success for her daughter.  Though her intentions were good, she strayed from the sheer fact that her daughter was just that, her daughter and a child.

the world from a child's point of view

It was a reminder to indulge in the charm and enchantment that is childhood.  Letting go and having a bit of fun is a part of the jubilation that is parenthood.  It is easy to get caught up in the scheduling, appointments and deadlines.  However, taking some time to giggle, get messy, look at the stars and use your imagination is essential as well.  Take a break and be a kid for a moment.  Let us not forget our fun-loving side and let the adventures begin!

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A Child's Point of View. How a child sees the world. Click to read more.

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  1. This is so true. I try really hard to step back when my little one is pulling on my shirt to read a story while I’m folding laundry. The laundry can wait but she’ll only be this little once. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Yes, yes, YES. I’m a teacher and it drives me UP THE WALL when other teachers expect kiddos to cope with things in a way that we would. 1) THEIR experience is so IMPORTANT to them. Why do we insist that they should just “get over it” because it seems like something trivial to us. And 2) They still don’t have the coping mechanisms. They’re little humans. WE are responsible for teaching them how to appropriately respond and how to get what they need. They aren’t born with this feature. It’s a skill they learn with time.

    Beautiful post. I would love to pass this along to other teachers and parents!

    1. Please pass it along. I think we all need a reminder once in a while to bring our thought process down to our children’s level. As a teacher, I know you have seen it all! Little ones learning and experiencing situations for the first time make for a boat load of possible emotional outcomes. Teaching young minds is such a rewarding yet challenging job and I thank you for educating our little ones with a such kind heart 🙂

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