How to Use Chalk Pens to Brighten your Day

How to Use Chalk Pens to Brighten Your Day

Ever come across a chalk pen? This clever tool has all the pigment power of a paint pen.  However, it’s not permanent.  This allows you the freedom to be as creative as you want without the commitment to one design.  Not only are chalk pens useful for arts and crafts they are also very practical for daily purposes.  These pens are a great way to add a splash of color to your world.  Here is How to Use Chalk Pens to Brighten Your Day.

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Commentary on Coffee


uses for chalk pens


Take a moment to surprise a loved one with a sweet morning message.  Chalk pens are a great way to scribble a quick note of encouragement or admiration on a cup of tea or coffee left for someone to discover.  This can be expanded upon to include a glass of milk with a merry message or a cup of juice with words of joy.  The use of a chalk pen makes clean up a breeze.  Simply wipe away or place the mug in the dishwasher.


Welcome Your Guests With Whimsy 


Chalk Paint Pen Art


Are you hosting this years Holiday feast?  Wow your guests with a warm welcome message as soon as they arrive.  Trace a fun and festive message right on the front door window for all to see.  Your family members and guests are sure to delight in the greeting and applaud your clever decor.  As the party wraps up, simply wipe the design away.  Or leave it for all to enjoy!


Chalk Pen Ideas


The fun doesn’t end at the front door.  Any smooth, non-porous surface presents an opportunity to add a little holiday cheer.  Sketch a few snow flakes on the fireplace glass doors, or a friendly note on the grandfather clock.  There are so many surfaces to doodle with a chalk pen.


Chalk Pen Uses and Ideas

Microwave Messages


If you happen to have a microwave, it is an item you see often.  Most likely its placed smack dab in the middle of your kitchen.  Use this to your advantage when creating your grocery list or setting reminders. Leave a Chalkola chalk pen close by so that family members can quickly jot down items as they are used up. When your husband  devours the last of the cheese, he can easily write it on the microwave to ensure it is restocked.


Chalk Pen Art Ideas


Perhaps you would like to inspire your family with words of wisdom or a message of love.  Use your message on the microwave to motivate everyone as they go about their busy day.  Chalk pens make for a fantastic way to add a splash of color to the room and promote good vibes.


Chalk Pens for Chores


Give your kids a vibrant chore chart using chalk pens.  Chalk pens are a great way to apply colorful art and messages to your child’s bathroom mirror so that they never forget those groggy early morning tasks. Don’t let the day go by with the cat unfed.  (our cat is never unfed, I promise)  Jot it down on their lovely list of things to do.


Chalk Pen Uses


Innumerable possibilities lie ahead with the use of Chalk Pens.  So many crafts and projects are easily achieved with the use of these dandy devises.  Considering the pens don’t present the threat of a permanent mistake, it is simple to alter your designs until you achieve your desired result.

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Get your Chalk on!

How to Use Chalk Pens to Brighten Your Day- Click to Read More!How to Use Chalk Pens To Brighten Your Day- Clever ways to use chalk pens to add color and convenience to your life. Click to read how!

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