10 Best Pregnancy Tips and Tricks


 Congratulations!  You’re making a human, now what?!

A question numerous women ask themselves upon discovering they are pregnant.  It can be daunting at first.  You may ask yourself, “What am I allowed to eat or drink?  Can I still workout?  What supplements should I take?”  The list goes on.  Thankfully there is a boatload of resources out there regarding pregnancy care. However, there are still some things that no one will tell you!  Well, don’t fret my dear. Here are some of the best pregnancy tips and tricks to help ease your mind of what is to come.

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Before moving on, you should know that the content of this post may be a little shocking.  I will address some bodily changes that may occur during the stages of pregnancy. Therefore, be forewarned if discussing your lady parts makes you uncomfortable and don’t worry, your body is not ruined forever. These pregnancy tips will prepare and ameliorate your symptoms.


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1. Get a Yoga Ball

As your baby grows, more pressure is put on your pelvis and your lady parts.  As time goes on you may start to notice some pain when you sit for a long period of time.  This goes for those of us at a desk all day. One tip to alleviate pressure on your back and bottom is replace your desk chair with a yoga ball. I swapped out my desk chair for a  yoga ball as early as 3 months in.  It’s remarkable how this simple switch presents such monumental relief.   Don’t be afraid to tote that big ball around.  I used mine as a dinning chair and a spot to sit while hanging with my family in the living room.

2. Peppermint oil

Numerous parents strive to keep things as natural and organic as possible by staying away from harsh chemical products.  This holds true for many of the mom-to-be crowd and parents with young infants.  The last thing most of us want to do is expose our sweet little newborns to harsh chemicals. In the summer months, pregnancy can be difficult, especially if you live where extreme climate temperatures arise.

Best Ever Pregnancy Tips and Tricks


To beat the heat, keep in mind this pregnancy tip.  Use Peppermint Essential Oil!  The oil applied to your skin gives a tingling and cooling sensation.  Apply the oil to the back of your neck for cooling relief in the summer months.  With this you can rest assured that you’re not absorbing harmful toxins that can hurt your baby, especially if breastfeeding.  As a bonus, you get some aromatherapy and smell nice too.  Be sure not to expose your baby with direct contact of the oil, as the tingling sensation may irritate their skin.


3. Shaving becomes a challenge

As your belly grows, so does your lack of mobility.  Bending over can become a challenge throughout the stages of pregnancy.  As with some sacrifices you make during this time, shaving should not have to be one of them.  Instead of all the obstacles that come with the chore, simplify the process and save your energy by investing in an all-in-one razor.  The Schick Intuition is what I favored.  By eliminating the shave gel and lather phase, it made it much easier to beat the stubble.  Your back will thank you.

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4. Belly bands are awesome

This is the holy grail of pregnancy tips!  Again, your belly will grow and your body will change to accommodate the extra weight.  This can really do a number on your back.  To avoid this pain and discomfort during the stages of pregnancy, get a belly band. The support it provides will surprise you and they grow with your belly.  Therefore, you buy one and your done.   Save yourself from pain by investing in a a maternity belly band such as the Upsie or a Maternity Belt .

With my first pregnancy, I was under the assumption that these contraptions were a lavish item and unnecessary.  Boy was I wrong.  Baby number two came accompanied with some pelvis and back aches I had never knew and the support of a belly band assisted in alleviating these pains a great deal.  Its worth the investment and is one of my favorite pregnancy tips.

5. Coffee is not always a No No

Some pregnancy tips are not spoken of often for fear of criticism.  For this one, you need to discuss it with your medical provider to be sure you can safely consume caffeine during pregnancy.  In most cases, and despite the myths, it’s perfectly fine to have a cup of Jo during pregnancy.  Now don’t go drink the whole pot or start guzzling espresso, but a cup a day is OK.

Best Pregnancy Tips and Tricks Revealed


I wish someone had told me this sooner.  During my first pregnancy, I oust all caffeine with the impression that it would hurt my baby.  Shortly after, I began to experience tremendous migraines.  When I asked my medical provider if this was normal she asked if I drink coffee.  I explained that I did before I was pregnant, but stopped thinking it is harmful to my baby.  She then informed me that was the cause of my migraines.  If you’re an avid coffee drinker, going cold turkey can really do a number on you and that a cup of coffee didn’t harm me or my baby.

6. Most insurance companies cover breast pumps

This came as a shock to me and I almost didn’t believe it.  Considering the high price tag on breast pumps today it was difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I could obtain one through my health insurance with 100% coverage.  Now, this may vary between providers.  Do your research and call your providers customer support.  Most insurance companies don’t advertise this valuable piece of information in the handbook.

My insurance company was very informative and provided me with all the tools and information I needed to order my pump and have it shipped right to my door.  I would recommend you do this early so that your pump arrives before your baby does.  Plus, it will be one big ticket item marked off your want list.

7. Your boobs will go through a transformation

Of all the pregnancy tips, why had no one informed me of this one!?  I had read that my breasts would change, but not like this.  I understand that we are all unique and go through different experiences, so this may not apply to you as it will to others.  Your nipples will get larger as well as darker.  This is a biological change that naturally occurs for your baby.  When your baby is born, their eyesight is not fully developed, as a result, your body compensates for this.  The breasts areola’s will become larger and darker in pigment so that your baby can find them easier, even more so if your baby is a preemie.

On that note, don’t be alarmed if your nipples are the size of Frisbee’s.  No one had informed me that such a drastic change was possible and I was petrified that my boobs were ruined.  I had small breasts to begin with and when my boobs transformed into just giant nipples, I cried.  I cried for days.  Rest assured that your nipples will eventually decrease in size once you stop breastfeeding.  This change is to help your baby find the food.  Now, your breasts may not retain their post pregnancy shape, but they will shrink back down close to their normal size.  I ended up going up a cup size once all was said and done and my nipples were slightly bigger but not crazy big as they once were.

8. Wear a Sports Bra

As pregnancy tips go, we rarely hear of any geared toward our boobs before baby.  A sports bra provided substantial support during my pregnancy.  As you get further along your breasts may begin to swell.  Comfort may be in short supply during these months and a sports bra provides comfort and support.  I lived in mine.  Eventually, I had to purchase a size larger to accommodate my growing bosom.  A purchase well worth it.

Best Pregnancy Tips - Some no one will tell you


Once my baby was born, the sports bra was replaced by nursing bras, but hold off on stowing those just yet.  Once you cease breastfeeding, your boobies will transition once more.  During this time, I found it helpful to bust out the sports bras again.  Wearing them to bed at night helped my bosom regain their shape and prevented gravity from taking over once my milk had dried up.  Think of it as a corset for your boobs, shaping them back into their natural position.

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9. Take a Nap

SERIOUSLY! This is a staple in pregnancy care that you may hear numerous times from others, but might not take.  I’m telling you to listen!  You’re body is busy creating the miracle of life.  That is hard work!  Give yourself a break and rest.  Take a nap in the middle of the day if you can.  If you have not heard it yet, I’m sure you will, “Once the baby comes, good sleep is a thing of the past.”

Unfortunately, this holds more truth than not.  A long, deep sleep is limited or rather nonexistent with a new baby.  Therefore, get some extra Z’s now while you can and don’t feel guilty about it.  Make that snooze count and invest in a Pregnancy Pillow to support your belly while you slumber.  I didn’t with my first and found that I was missing out when I opted to purchase one with my second.  The over-sized pregnancy pillow is a game changer when it comes to sleeping comfort.

10. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

Stress in unhealthy for you and baby.  I would advise to not go into this with crazy expectations rather than approaching pregnancy as an adventure.  You don’t really know what is to come until it happens.  Take it day by day and embrace this time in your life and its changes.

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As an example, I was not a star student for the duration of my first pregnancy.  In an attempt to right my wrongs during my first pregnancy, I set all these high expectations for myself with pregnancy care for baby #2.  I wanted to eat super clean and workout every day.  Then reality slapped me in the face with complications which in turn crushed my objectives.

I had severe pelvis pain that inhibited me from my goals of working out every day.  I was unable to scoot an empty tissue box across the floor with my foot.  Determined to fulfill my wishes, I tried to workout anyway, which resulted in me not listening to my body and injuring myself.

Don’t let this be you.  Listen to your body and take care of yourself.  Now, give yourself a break, relax and focus on that little life your brewing in your belly.  Use these pregnancy tips and tricks to ensure you have a pleasant pregnancy.  Enjoy this journey and congrats momma!

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BEST Pregnancy Tips and Tricks for MOM- Best Pregnancy Tips, Pregnancy Aids and more. Discover the best pregnancy remedies and print your ULTIMATE Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist! CLICK NOW!


BEST Pregnancy Tips and Tricks for MOM- Best Pregnancy Tips, Pregnancy Aids and more. Discover the best pregnancy remedies and print your ULTIMATE Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist! CLICK NOW!


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  1. Such great tips! You can be inundated with information but these were really helpful. I think most things in moderation like coffee. I was a huge coffee drinker and still enjoyed a cup each morning. The belly bands were so helpful too!

  2. Great tips and advice. I only have a few weeks left and I wish I would have got a yoga ball sooner. It’s so relaxing when you can’t seem to get comfortable sitting on the couch, standing, laying on the couch, or anything else.

  3. I wish I had read this article prior to having my son. Do you have a post on how to balance work and staying home because these days have been a little hard around my parts lately?

  4. Great guide! What peppermint oil brand do you recommend though? Can I just prepare it myself or does it need to be mixed with other oils? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. Personally I trust doterra essential oils. They are a great company when it comes to purity standards. To apply the oil, I recommend about a drop or two mixed in a carrier oil. A carrier can be anything from coconut oil, almond oil to even olive oil. A ratio of about 3:1.

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