6 Kid Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Kid Activities to Beat the Heat

Baby its HOT outside!  I mean hot!  If you live in an area where the temperature can reach the triple digits on a regular basis you may find yourself staring out the window longing to step outside.  The heat can make it difficult to step outdoors with family.  No need to worry, here are a few summer activities to keep your family entertained during those broiling hot days and beat the heat.

kid summer fun activities

Take into consideration your areas Air Quality Index (AIQ) or O-zone level.  These levels fluctuate from day to day.   If the levels are high, it is recommended to limit your outdoor activity for that day.  Therefore, I have given examples of outdoor and indoor summer fun activities.

6 Summer Activities to Beat the Heat

Water Hose Play

Before you dive into this super fun activity, some areas put into effect water restrictions during the hot months.   Be sure to take these restrictions into consideration before turning on the faucet.  Now for the fun!

kid summer activities

Grab your water hose and attach a sprinkler head to the end.  We prefer an attachment with a shower setting so that the spray is gentle.  You can hit two birds at one stone with this one by hydrating your lawn and plants as well as beating the summer heat.  Our little ones love to spray the hose.  Its simple enough for a toddler to do and they get a kick out of making it rain!

Be sure to keep a close eye on those little fingers just to be sure they don’t get squished or pinched while operating the lever.  So far, this has not been an issue we have had to handle, but I want to put it out there because it is a possibility.

Local Water Gardens

This is a fun option for the entire family.  Clothe your kids in an ensemble for getting wet and hop in the car to a park with a splash park or a garden with water play features.  These areas make it easy for you to wet your toes to keep cool as well as let the babies splash a little and the older kids can dance in the spray.

Some areas have public parks with splash areas that you can use for free, other communities have community centers with these areas and other cities have public gardens with water features that allow the kids to play in. Search your home town and surrounding areas for these centers, with luck you will find a center or park that provides these features.

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It is much easier than attempting to man a trip to a commercial water park and safer for the younger children who have not quite mastered swimming.  Be sure to pack a set a dry clothes for the car ride home.

The Pour

Kids love to concoct and create!  With that in mind grab some empty containers and sanitize them of ant harmful chemicals.  Grab anything you can find, laundry detergent bottle, mason jars, butter tubs, cups or Tupperware will do.   Next, go outside and set up a water station.

6 summer kid activities

A kitty pool works great for this, but you could use something smaller like a shallow storage tub, even a bucket.  Now, let the kids pour, mix, splash and play away! They will love pouring water from one cup to another and may begin to pretend they are baking up a little something.


If it’s too hot to step outside, then bring the fun in.  It’s time to gather all the fluff in the house and build a place for the kids to play.  Grab some pillows, blanket and couch cushions to build a sturdy fort. The project will help to keep the kids occupied and away from TV screens.

under a fort fun

Once assembled, fill with pillows, blankets, books and games to give the kids a special place to play.  Our son will be in there all day if I let him.

Indoor Theater

Too hot to move, we understand.  This is a great day to have an indoor theater day!  Have the kids pick out a movie they would like to watch.  Then set up the living room with a comfy pillow pile and blankets and settle in the kids.  Make it even more special by preparing some delicious smoothies and popping some popcorn.

Bring The Out In

I know some parents will not be too thrilled with this idea, but we live in Texas honey.  There are a ton of days that the kids cannot get in that heat.  On days like this and the AIQ is too high to step outside, I bring the summer activities in.

beat the heat fun

Grab your child’s scooter and let them scooter around the kitchen island.  It keeps them active and away from the screens.  Some other outdoor gears to consider is roller skates, or if your child is younger and you can accommodate the space, bring in their tricycle or little tykes car.


These are a few summer activities to help you keep your little ones entertained on those too hot days.  I hope that these activities help your family create some wonderful memories as well as provide plenty of fun!

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