Identifying Baby Skin Rash and Baby Skin Care

identifying baby skin rash and baby skin care

Your baby’s sweet and soft rolls feel so good in your arms.  Alright, not all babies have rolls.  However, those chunky monkey’s are super adorable.  (Ahem, yeah… my youngest is a total squish)  That soft, sweet skin is easy to love.  However, your baby’s skin is also very delicate and when a sudden blemish appears, it may come as a shock or scare.  Here is what to expect when identifying baby skin rash and baby skin care.

Not all baby skin is created equal.  Perhaps your first child had flawless skin.  Then baby number two comes along and your faced with blemishes and rash city.  It varies from one baby to another.  With this in mind, we can conclude that all baby skin types require gentle and nourishing care.

Baby Skin Rash Types

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Um, Whats on MY Baby?!

When your baby arrives, there skin is a bit different than ours.  Their pores are not fully developed and you may notice an occurrence of baby acne.  This totally normal and there is no need to concern yourself with calling the dermatologist.  These little white spots that appear to be pimples are also known as Milia.  They are the result of under developed sweat glands, a normal occurrence in newborns.  This further explains why little babies have a tendency to be colder than ourselves and require and extra layer of clothing until matured.  In most cases, baby acne is harmless and will clear on its own over time.

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Its Gettin’ Hot in Here

Another common skin irritation is heat rash.  This is especially known to those babies born in the thick of the summer months.  However, heat rash can occur when baby is too warm in the home as well.  Too many blankets or clothing may fester a few red pimples and smudges on their sweet skin.  Again, there is no need for alarm. Simply remove a layer of warmth and keep an close eye on baby to be sure they are comfortable.

Mutant Baby

Some little ones are phased with a period of cradle cap.  This is a scale like rash that tends to peel and flake on your baby’s scalp.  Though this rash is harmless and does not hurt baby, its just gross.  You may even notice it has an odd scent due to the oil that is secreted in the affected area.  Cradle cap is a baby skin rash that can even occur around the sides of the ears and face.  This is another pesky skin irritation that is easily remedied at home too.

Yes, you can speed to the nearest pharmacy and equip your arsenal of baby products and treatments with an over the counter scrub.  However, you can also treat this crusty mess at home naturally and just as effectively.  I have had my bouts with cradle cap and can say from personal experience that the at home remedy works best!

At bath time, gently massage your baby’s scalp with a paste of baking soda and water.  Yep, baking soda.  Its probably in your kitchen with your baking ingredients.  Grab it and scoop a spoonful in a small bowl.  Gradually add water until the mix is the consistency of toothpaste.  Then, simply scrub this magical mix on your baby’s infected regions.  Baking soda balances the pH level of the areas affected by this baby skin rash, thus treating the problem naturally.

Let the baking soda mix set for about 15 minutes then rinse it out.  Bathe your little on as usual and apply coconut or baby oil to the infected area after.  The issue should clear up in a few days.

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Bottom Line

Your baby’s bottom is exposed to the elements at all times.  I’m not referring to the weather.  They are diapered.  Therefore, until potty training time, its best to keep there little bottoms and clean as you can to avoid irritation.  Diaper rash is a bummer.  It happens, its hard to avoid.  Unless, you are checking your baby every two minutes, there is no way to keep them dry 24/7.

This is where diaper rash may fester.  This type of baby skin rash occurs when the acidic  levels of baby’s urine and feces comes into contact with their skin for a bit too long.  Don’t freak out.  You’re not a bad parent if this happens.  There are several reasons this can occur and its not your fault.

Breastfeeding and changing baby charts

Urine contain ammonia and this component is an irritant to anyone’s skin.  Your baby’s skin is tender and depending on their developmental milestones, their skin in more vulnerable depending on those phases.  If your baby is teething, this is a time when their system is more vulnerable to the elements and you may notice diaper rash occurring more than in the past.  When baby is sick or having a growth spurt even.  These events play a role in your baby’s health and the way their system reacts to certain elements.

With this in mind, its best to be prepared and prevent the occurrence of diaper rash using preventative creams and ointments.  When a rash flares up, treat it with an ointment, oil or natural balm such as Angel Baby Bottom Balm.  Coconut oil is very useful in battling diaper rash.  Even more so for babies with hyper sensitive skin, as it is an anti-fungal and a moisturizing agent.

Read more about Coconut Oil and the awesomeness it beholds in “Uses and Miracles of Coconut Oil”!

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The Healing Touch

The power of touch is a phenomenal occurrence.  There are countless studies identifying the importance of human contact, especially with babies and children.  The healing power you alone have as a parent to hold, love and touch your baby is astronomical.  Touch is a key life saving factor in small infants who are born prematurely or in an emergency situation.

In the unfortunate event that a mother is unable to hold their baby after birth, it is medically advised that another family member or medical professional have physical contact with a newborn so their able to thrive, mature and develop properly.  Touch prepares your baby for the outside world by allowing their skin to absorb antibodies from your skin to enable them to fight harmful bacteria and infections. Not only does touch help your baby mature and grow, it stimulates them emotionally.  Now go hold that baby!

A little Sponge

Your baby’s skin is a sponge when it comes to moisture.  They need their skin to be well hydrated and nourished.  Its important to have a daily routine in place so that you can lather on the love.  Natural oils, baby lotions and other wonderful nourishing products are on the market geared toward baby skin health.  There is no right or wrong skin nourishing product.

Just be very aware of your baby’s skin reactions to new moisturizers or oils and keep a close eye on them to be sure they don’t have an allergic reaction.  This can even occur if using a common baby lotion.  Therefore, don’t underestimate the fact your baby may be allergic to something you see all the others moms use.  On the flip side, there are plenty of great baby products that stay true to their natural state. Baby Mantra and Angel Baby lotions are great choices when it comes to natural baby skin care.


There is a large selection of baby skin care and baby skin rash products out there for you to use.  Be sure to take careful consideration for your baby’s skin type and their eye safety.  No moms wants a fussy baby due to them rubbing their eyes with a freshly moisturized fist of lotion that irritates their beautiful eyes.  Love the skin their in and keep your little one moisturized and healthy.

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Baby Skin Rash Care + Baby Skin Care- Learn the most common types of baby skin rash occurrences and how to treat them. These baby skin care guidelines are the perfect place to start with your infant skin care needs.






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  1. Great tips. I like the home remedy tips for cradle cap. I was fortunate that mine never got it, but I know lots do. Great to know of a natural remedy then having to go out to the store (especially during the newborn period).

  2. One of my babies had heat rash in the summer so badly! He has outgrown some of it now that he is older, but he still gets it on his cheeks when he is overheated.

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