10 Helpful Methods for Alleviating Back Pain during Pregnancy

If you ask 100 pregnant women what is the worst symptom they deal with, the overwhelming majority will say back pain. As your baby grows, all your organs move and press in different areas of your body.

Your center of gravity changes and you often find yourself hunched over trying to compensate. Your hips widen and ache, along with the extra weight of the baby, placenta, increased blood flow and amniotic fluid. Pregnancy sounds fun, doesn’t it?

While the back pain is worth the result, the long months can drag on to what seems like forever. Luckily, there are certain solutions that you can practice starting today that will make a noticeable difference.

Here are 10 of these solutions to give your aching back some much sought after relief:


yoga pregnancy

More than likely, the idea of yoga sends shivers of fear down you pained spine. However, prenatal yoga can do wonders for your back. However, prenatal yoga can help improve your posture and tone your body, which leads to better pain relief.

Also, yoga is great for dealing with post-natal depression. For the emotional, sleep-deprived pregnant mother, yoga may be the best choice. Yoga is very helpful for those whose pain is centered in their lower back. It also is great for nausea, making it a fantastic selection for the first trimester.


Chiropractic Care

pregnancy and back pain alleviate

Regular visits to your chiropractor is a great practice during pregnancy. Although many associate chiropractic care with cracking joints, they have plenty of safe methods to help your back during pregnancy. It is best to find an experienced one who has worked with a pregnant woman before.


Your chiropractor might also recommend you buy a pregnancy pillow, which is basically a fully body pillow intended for pregnant woman to relax more easily. If you don’t own one already, it’s a good idea to get acclimated with them and see which one might fit your best.


swimming while pregnant

Pregnant woman are encouraged to exercise, and swimming is one of the best ways to do so. Gravity has no effects on your body while suspending in the water. The water will help to decompress your spine while toning parts of your body.


Avoid Heavy Weight Gain

back pain while pregnant

Gaining weight is expected during pregnancy. Most doctors agree that 20 to 40 pounds are a safe amount to increase. Eat healthily and continue to exercise to ensure you gain a safe amount of weight. Too much weight gain will add unnecessary pressure to your back, increasing your discomfort.

Wearing the Right Shoes

pregnancy shoes

When thinking of the back, people rarely think of their feet. However, wrong shoes can lead to increased back pain. You will need support in your shoes. Also, as your feet swell, you may discover that your feet have grown, potentially a full size! It is best to avoid high heels and stick to low heeled shoes with support and space to grow.


Bend and Lift Appropriately

bending pregnant

It is best to avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy. However, chances are you will need to lift some things throughout the next nine months. When you encounter these situations, remember to lift with your legs, not your back! Stabilize yourself with a wide stance, bend your knees rather than your waist. Never use your back to lift. Your arms and legs should do the work.


Prenatal Massage

Best Pregnancy Tips

If you can sneak away sometimes, prenatal massages, from trained professionals, are a fantastic way to alleviate back pain during pregnancy. It can help with your aches all over, as well as improve your sleeping discomforts and decrease stress.


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Ice (and Heat) Baby

Ice is one of the best things to apply to your back to help alleviate the pain. Many chiropractors advocate for its usage overheat, especially during pregnancy. Cold compresses are great for tension aches and pains as well because they reduce the swelling and inflammation.


A heating pad is safe during pregnancy, but only at the lowest temperature for a few moments at a time. You don’t want to increase your internal temperature too high. Instead, a rice pad that you can microwave is an excellent choice, and it’s portable! You can heat it and place it in the car for rides if needed.



pictures while still pregnant

Your mother may have told you to sit up straight when you were younger. Now is the time to listen to her. Your baby is growing and shifting your center of gravity. You may notice yourself leaning back more to compensate, which leads to strains in your back. The pressure will make your back ache even more!


Throughout the day, remember to stand up tall. Try to hold your chest high with your shoulders back and relaxed. If you can try to remember those tips throughout the day as much as possible, your back pain will decrease. Posture is crucial to alleviating back pain during pregnancy.


Arnica Gel

Instead of opting for chemical pain relievers, Arnica Gel is a homeopathic gel that is designed to ease lower back pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to decrease joint swelling and varicose veins. However, always discuss it with your healthcare provider before use.

Always remember to discuss your back pain with your health care provider. They may have some suggestions for you as well.

These 10 solutions will not only help by alleviating your back pain, but also serve as a beacon to properly preparing for the crucial labor and delivery process that is awaiting you at the end of your pregnancy.


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