Every Parent Should Focus On These 3 Toddler Tips

Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were counting your baby’s fingers and toes. Now
you have a very curious little human running around the house that already has a strong
opinion about everything. Wanting, demanding, pointing, and refusing has turning into
splashing, breaking, singing, and yelling. You will find yourself bribing and bargaining to
avoid that tantrum in the grocery store with the best and doing other things you swore
you would never do.

guest post by: Erica Johnson at innerparents.com

While we can’t give advice on every situation you will encounter InnerParents can make
things a little easier with 3 tips every parent should focus in order to get through the
toddler years.

1. Don’t stress about being on time

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If you have a toddler, you’ve probably already noticed that literally everything takes
longer. Whether it’s grabbing a jacket, picking up toys, brushing teeth, or putting on
shoes, your toddler isn’t going to move quickly.
Instead of stressing, embrace this fact. Add a 10 to 15 minute cushion of time to get
ready every time you leave the house. Plan ahead and start getting ready well before
you think you need to. The truth is, you may still be late, but if you’ve already planned
for excess time you won’t be as frustrated when you get delayed.

2. Explore their World

toddler tips for mom and dad

Toddlers see everything around them as new, exciting, and most of all distracting. While
it’s easy to get frustrated at your toddler’s lack of focus, it’s important to take a step
back and look at the world from their point of view. Realize how awe-inspiring new
sights, sounds, and smells are.
Take their interest as an opportunity to teach them something unique. Toddlers are
amazing by the things that we simply take for granted. When adults pause and show the
same type of admiration, you bond with you child on a level that they can appreciate
and relate to.

3. Don’t let yourself take disobedience personally

toddler parenting tips
If you let yourself get worked up by your toddler’s unruly behavior, you will constantly
feel offended. While you may be uncertain just what your child is going to do or say
next, you can guarantee that they will try to push their boundaries over and over again.

The truth is, your child isn’t doing anything to purposefully irritate you. They simply
don’t know any better. And it may be awhile before they learn right and wrong
behaviors, actions, and words. Even when your child purposefully acts mischievous to
get your attention, it’s not a personal attack, it’s simply a stage that will too end.
Toddler years can be trying, but you’ll soon realize that every stage of parenting can be
trying at times. The great news is, this stage only really last a couple years and it’s only a
matter of time before our babies turn into children and children into young adults.
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Every Parent Should Focus on these 3 Toddler Tips. Dont stress and keep calm.

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