12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag

Essential Item for your hospital delivery bag

Labor pains are kicking in and its time to have a baby.  Do you have everything you need for the journey?  There are some items that you will find to be more valuable than you imagined once your in the thick of things.  Don’t forget these simple items to make your stay a little easier and comfortable before and after delivery.  Here are 12 essential items for your hospital delivery bag.

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Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag

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Whether you gave birth vaginally or via C-section, hospital grade toilet paper is not luxurious.  Bring your own to save your down under from the rough, super thin paper they provide.  When you have a vaginal birth, you will most likely be given a peri bottle to rinse yourself off after you go.  No one wants to be wet down there afterwards.  Bringing your own toilet paper ensures you will have soft and strong paper to dab the excess water away.

Bringing your own toilet paper is not just for your bathroom breaks.  This essential hospital delivery item will provide a nice alternative to the flimsy tissues offered.  Most likely your toilet paper will be softer.


Even if it’s 120 degrees outside, bring your socks to delivery.  Upon your arrival you will be practically naked and busy focusing on this new life your about to bring into the world.  Hospital floors are chilly and most women like to move around and change positions when in labor.  Save your feet and keep them cozy with some socks.

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Hospital pillows tend to lose their fluff after a time.  Therefore, to have your own pillows from home makes for added comfort during your stay.  I brought 5 from home, seriously.  I also toted my snake-like Pregnancy Body Pillow .   Be sure to bring a  Nursing Pillow  as well to make breastfeeding easier during your stay.  Your back will thank you.


If you plan to breastfeed, pack a nursing bra.  Your milk may not come in for a few days after delivery.  However, your breasts will produce a nutrient rich substance called colostrum.  This liquid is jam packed with antibodies and immunoglobulin’s that help protect your baby from bacteria and sickness.  Its advised to feed your baby this super food as it super charges their development.  Colostrum also encourages baby’s digestive system to expel their first stools called meconium.

Your newborn will need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.  Therefore, wearing a nursing bra during your stay allows for easy access and makes feeding a breeze.  I delivered in my nursing bra and immediately attempted feeding my baby after.  The choice is yours, wear one to the hospital or pack one up.  This Nursing Bra is extremely comfortable and built to last.

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You can go into labor at any time of the day.  Labor itself can last just as long.  Pack disposable make up remover wipes to easily clean your face after delivery.  Chances are you won’t be sprinting to the powder room to tidy up once the baby arrives.  Furthermore, everyone wants to snap a few photos.  The least you can do is wipe the streaked mascara from your eyes once settled.


Between all the doctor visits, family and paperwork, take some time to enjoy a book.  It’s and easy item to put down when you need to fill out papers or feed the baby and just as easy to pick up where you left off.   I found it better than watching the television all day.

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If you had a vaginal birth, don’t even bother with underwear or pants during your stay.  Fact of the matter is, you probably won’t want them on anyway.  The nurses will be checking how you are healing frequently and you will want some relief down there.  Nurses will make you a wonderful ice pack and provide disposable underwear and pads during your stay.

Don’t be shy and ask your nurse if you can have extras to take home.  They are likely to be more than happy to send you home with extra disposable underwear, pads and numbing spray.


Wardrobe of choice is a nursing bra, fluffy robe, socks and slippers while at the hospital during your stay.  A robe makes it easy to breastfeed without stripping down or pulling up a shirt and easy to cover up when guests arrive.  Who doesn’t enjoy lounging in a robe all day?

Slippers are easy to slide on and off when shuffling from the restroom and back.  These essential hospital bag items happen to be favorites among us moms.  You don’t realize how much you will delight in having these in your bag until your there.  A robe and slippers allows you to easily move about during the day and all without sacrificing comfort.


When I had my first baby, I was a total grump about anyone taking my picture.  Looking back I wish I had more.  Take pictures of everything, the labor, delivery and your time in the hospital.  They will be moments you’ll cherish forever.  It helps to have someone else on camera duty to give you a break.   Request others to snap a few photos from time to time, it will be worth it.

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Whether you own a DSLR or an iPhone, you will want your camera on hand.  Be sure your batteries are charged and that you have all the appropriate cords and plugs in case your camera needs a charge.   You will find yourself snapping several pictures of your newborn as they sleep.  A low camera battery is not something you want to worry about.


This seems like a no brainer, but it’s something that is overlooked frequently.  Most of us keep our charger plugged in the wall at home.  A dead phone battery is a bummer when you’re trying to tell your parents they are about to be grandparents.

Rather than stress over recalling to unplug your charger and bring it on the trek to the hospital, purchase a spare.  Place the spare charger in your hospital delivery bag so when you’re ready to go you will have it.  No need to stress over the battery percentage.


Shockingly, my hospital did not provide this after I gave birth.  Therefore, I suggest pack a tube in your hospital delivery bag just in case.  You need this magic cream to keep those delicate parts as moist as possible.  Breastfeeding already has its challenges, don’t make it any more difficult with cracked nipples.  Lansinoh Lanolin is a brand I used frequently and is a favorite among other moms.


Another surprise, some hospitals don’t provide shampoo and conditioner.  I suppose they’re not a hotel.  Therefore, I will give them a break.  However, with my first child this was a shock to me.  Be prepared and supply your own toiletries.  They will provide items for your post pregnancy care, just don’t be put off if there is an absence of hair care in your bathroom.  Be sure to pack mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner in your hospital delivery bag so that first shower is an enjoyable one.

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12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag- Ultimate List of Essential Items for Hospital Delivery- 12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag + FREE Ultimate Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - Dont forget a thing when its time to head to the hospital. Some common and some untold treasures, your will be glad you saved this! Read it now!


Ultimate List of Essential Items for Hospital Delivery- 12 Essential Items for your Hospital Delivery Bag + FREE Ultimate Hospital Delivery Bag Checklist - Dont forget a thing when its time to head to the hospital. Some common and some untold treasures, your will be glad you saved this! Read it now!

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  1. This is a very well thought out list! It really includes things that I wouldn’t have remembered to pack, but certainly would be wishing for. Hospital shampoo and conditioner is awful! I have to pack my bag soon, as I’m due in 4 weeks, so this is great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great list. I brought all of your items listed to the hospital with me. My only other must-have item is nursing pads to avoid any leaking.

  3. I agree with the no pants thing, but I do suggest that you bring your own gown to change into after delivery (a nursing one if you’re breastfeeding). I just stayed in hospital gowns with my first, but brought my own for my second. I felt SO much better wearing real clothes, even if it was just a nightgown. I felt more comfortable, more “normal,” and prettier. 🙂
    – Lisa, http://www.themerrymomma.com

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