Super Cute Minions- Healthy and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids

Ready to put your craft pants on?  Lets wow all those little ones in your child’s class with some super cute and super healthy Easy Valentine Treats!  No need to fret over ingredients and forbidden foods in the classroom.  With this simple tutorial, your child will present the most loved Healthy Valentine’s day gifts in town.  Now lets dive in on how you can whip up a batch of these Super Cute, Healthy and Easy Valentine Treats for Kids.

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Every Parent Should Focus On These 3 Toddler Tips

Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were counting your baby’s fingers and toes. Now
you have a very curious little human running around the house that already has a strong
opinion about everything. Wanting, demanding, pointing, and refusing has turning into
splashing, breaking, singing, and yelling. You will find yourself bribing and bargaining to
avoid that tantrum in the grocery store with the best and doing other things you swore
you would never do.

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Why He Fights: What Is The Reason For Child Aggressiveness

Often we come across the aggressiveness of children. Here’s the kid playing in the sandbox – instead of building the pyramids, he suddenly throws himself at the girl with fists. What are the reasons for this behavior? Maybe some parents exaggerate the aggression of a child. What if attempts to defend himself by attacking others is normal for a certain age?

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How to Organize and Clean Baby Stuff

how to organize and clean baby stuff

Your child brings you so much love and joy every single day. It’s your duty as a
parent to provide him a safe space to explore the new world with all of its miracles
and mysteries. Day after day your kid’s curiosity grows and develops, every item
attracts its attention and captivates the interest for longer.

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The Best Nursery Must Haves for Unique Modern Moms

The Best Nursery Must Haves for the Unique Modern Mom

Bay blues and sweet pinks are the norm when it comes to new babies.  However, as times change so do our decor tastes.  The Modern Day Mom is into those unique stand out patterns and simplistic decor.  Yes, we all love the cute ruffles and frilly gowns, but that doesn’t mean we cant beef up the baby’s room!  I’m talking about adorning those walls with some sweet digs. Momma bear is busy making a human, so only the best nursery must haves for a unique modern mom will do!

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10 Fun Facts About Twins That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Fun Facts About Twins

Oh the wonderful world of twins.  One baby is a blast.  Two babies is a party. Honestly, could you imagine what it must be like growing up in the womb together?  It’s even said that twins form an intrauterine bond and often reach out to each other while in your tummy. How magical!  If you find yourself expecting multiples, these Fun Facts About Twins are sure to get you excited.

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What You Need To Know From Conception to 3 Months Pregnant

Whatyou need to know from conception to 3 months pregnant (2)

Hi again.  Yes, you there.  Oh, no, you don’t need to hide that potato chip dipped in frosting with bacon bit sprinkles, I won’t judge.  You’re pregnant and things are going to change.   You may have noticed a few differences in your overall self these past months, some more apparent than others.  Rest assured these changes are normal during those first 3 months pregnant.

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10 Helpful Methods for Alleviating Back Pain during Pregnancy

If you ask 100 pregnant women what is the worst symptom they deal with, the overwhelming majority will say back pain. As your baby grows, all your organs move and press in different areas of your body.

Your center of gravity changes and you often find yourself hunched over trying to compensate. Your hips widen and ache, along with the extra weight of the baby, placenta, increased blood flow and amniotic fluid. Pregnancy sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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